1. vegashelipilot

    SOLD Vortex Precision Matched Rings 34mm

    34mm Vortex Precision Matched Rings $OLD
  2. ShotgunDiesel

    SOLD Spurh SP-4301 $330

    34mm 10moa mount, wedge included. Thought I had the box somewhere but I’m not finding it. Used but in great shape. Also have the rmr mount I could add for another $40. Velcro on the front for my dope card holder. $330 for the mount shipped and $370 for the package.
  3. aroddc3

    Accessories ZCO Rings 1.5” High 36MM

    Selling 1.5” high ZCO rings (36MM). They will clear an XLR Envy Pro NV Bridge. Has been mounted once, excellent condition. $135 shipped in original box etc.
  4. vvayvvard

    SOLD Nightforce X-Treme Duty 30mm Rings - High (1.125")

    Solid set of rings made out of 7075 aluminum with titanium crossbolts and jaws. The rings themselves are pretty immaculate with very little cosmetic wear that isn't really noticeable, and has no effect on function. The fastening nuts have some light scraping on the anodizing from a wrench, but...
  5. A

    Accessories WTS: Seekins Precision Rings

    30mm 1.26” Xtra high. Silver marks are just sharpie whiteness marks. $95 shipped add 3% PayPal
  6. J

    Rifle Scopes Return to zero mounting/swapping; QD needed or just good rings and a torque wrench?

    Say I want to set a rifle up for use with a pair of scopes, interchangeably... Am I pretty much relegated to be using QD Rings that advertise return to zero? Because the only rings out there I've found are Warne, Talley and Larue. I really like the LaRue LT719 ones (light and horizontally...
  7. Ak7

    Accessories Nightforce 34mm 6 screw rings ***SOLD***

    34mm 6 screw X-treme rings. Excellent condition. 125 shipped. For an extra 35 I can include a Nightforce bubble level top cap.
  8. Z

    SOLD Vortex PMR rings 30mm .87 height

    Mounted and torqued to specs once, pics of all the screws shown, rings are in excellent condition and work well on bolt guns or similar. These will not cowitness on an ar flat top. Asking $100 shipped CONUS, PayPal friends and family.
  9. Nicholi2789

    Optics American Rifle Company M10 rings - 36 mm high

    Hey guys, I have an absolutely brand new set of American Rifle Company M10 rings for sale. 36 mm for a ZCO and 32 mm height (1.26” highs). Best rings out there in my opinion. Save $40 on a set. Asking 140$ shipped. thanks!
  10. D

    Optics **Sold** WTS Vortex Razor Gen1 5-20 and Seekins rings

    Hello, I have a Gen 1 Razor for sell. It has the EBR-2B reticle. Comes with 2 sets of Seekins/Vortex rings, bubble level, flip covers and SAP throw lever. It'll ship with the original box. The rings are two different sizes. One set is the extra high and the other set are the low rings. There...
  11. aroddc3

    WTB NF Ultralight 30mm 1.00” High Rings

    Looking for a set of these rings used. Have the same pair in height of 0.885” if anyone wants to trade. Thanks!
  12. SneakyDingo1

    Accessories Nope

    Try and get around the rules again and you will be banned longer.
  13. Dr. Davy Jones

    Optics FOUND Nightforce 30mm rings

    Looking for 1” high Ultralite Mediums, 2 screw version. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
  14. Dr. Davy Jones

    Optics WTT: Nightforce 6 screw rings for your 4 screw or ARC rings

    I’ve got a set of the six screw Ultralite Nightforce 30mm rings (1” height) and I’m looking to either trade for the same height in the 4 screw OR a pair of ARC 30mm rings. With the price difference between the 4 and 6 screw, I would just want my postage to you covered.
  15. skyewalker

    Optics Leupold Mk5 5-25 Tremor 3

    Basically new mk5 with a mount. 2100$ tyd Venmo zelle or check only Trades: mk5 3.6-18 CCH/h59 or t3, zeiss/Swaro 10s
  16. StealthOwl

    Optics Sold: 30mm Nightforce R700 Direct Mount

    4. NF A106 Direct Mount 30mm/1.125"/20 MOA/Rem 700 SA, excellent condition without action screws, SOLD https://www.eurooptic.com/nightforce-direct-mount-1125-20-moa-rem-700-short-action.aspx Can take PayPal F&F, Zelle or regular PayPal plus the fee. Thanks!
  17. BravoXray

    SOLD FS/FT Hawkins Heavy Tactical Rings 34mm

    Just like the title says I have for sale or for trade 1 set of Hawkins Precision Tactical Rings 34mm 1.0 height with bubble level and pic rail will ship with the original box These are great rings but I had to go with something higher. Asking $170.00 (PP/Zelle/USPSMO) Willing to trade for...
  18. skyewalker

    Accessories Seekins 34mm 0.92” 6/4 rings

    $108 shipped USPS. Venmo or Zelle only.
  19. A

    SOLD Seekins precision 30mm- .87” Rings

    In excellent condition. $100 shipped
  20. jbell74

    SOLD Nightforce Ultralite Medium Height 34mm Rings - Desert Sand Cerakoted

    Rings are in great shape. Medium height (1.00"). Minimal finish wear as seen in pics. $150 shipped conus.