1. deersniper

    Riser cheek piece for ar15?

    Looking for a cheek piece/ riser for an AR collapsible stock to make it easier to use a night vision scope. Any ideas? I have seen a few that snap on but reviews are mixed. Looking at this one: http://www.uws.com/CHEROKEE/HomePage.html
  2. Tactical30

    Riser Rail Question

    I need to rise my scope on my AR-15. Right now it is on a Larue SPR-1.5 mount but I would like to have some more height. It feels like I am straining the way im looking thru the scope. I have a Magpul PRS stock so I will have no problem with comb height once I raise the scope. I was thinking of...
  3. sr15match

    Marlin 880SQ riser needed.

    I am looking for a scope base / riser for a Marlin 880SQ. Hook me up guys. Todd