1. Near miss

    Atlas bipod feet have been redesigned

    I had one feet have its rubber come off around a year ago, asked Atlas why it was built so crappy, just glued-on rubber, on a nice piece of aluminum. (compared to the bipod itself you could think it is a knock-off). Well, few days ago the other foot started loosening up so I emailed them again...
  2. H

    Gunsmithing Rubber forearm pads on Harris bi-pod fell off

    Not sure what are of the site to post this in.... The rubber pads on my bipod that sits b/t the bipod and the forearm fell off due to cleaning solvents. What does Harris use to keep the pad on the metal? Is it some type of glue? What will get them to stick to the metal?
  3. Travis S

    Gunsmithing paint removal for rubber?

    I recently bought an adjustable HS stock for my dad and it's currently painted tan. I'm gonna strip the stock and want to know the best way to remove the paint from the rubber boot. I would like the piece to look like new when finished. Also the cheek piece is separating from the mount on the...