1. medbill

    Suppressors Who gave a Tibetan Sword to Sgt. Eddie Ryan?

    Hey Guys, Eddie's Mom called me just now and wanted to know if I could possibly track down the couple that donated a sword to Eddie from Tibet! Its a beautiful sword and the family wrote them a thank you letter and it came back address unknown. If your on here please contact me or go to...
  2. S

    Photos Proof for all the haters (Ryan S)

    Hopefully I posted these pics properly to once and for all shut Ryan and all his buddies up. Pay close attention to the hogstooth from 1st Mar Div sniper school being put around my neck dude.
  3. W

    Member Link Up Maryland and surrounding areas: Sgt Eddie Ryan

    The PROUD FEW MC’s 2nd Annual St Paddy’s Day party! And Fundraiser This years proceeds will go to Sgt Eddie Ryan USMC When: March 14th 2009 Where: American Legion Jameson-Harrison Post #238 6265 Brandywine Rd, Hughesville, MD 20637 Time: 1800 till 2400 Admission: $15.00 Donations...