1. J

    Optics Go be poor right here! (Burris MTAC, Leupold VX3i, Razor Gen2 for sale)

    I am offloading some scopes I don't use, looking to sell but open to trades. First up is a Leupold VX3i 6.5-20x50 FFP TMR reticle. Asking $600 shipped TYD. I have used this at the range a few times, never abused. Has some handling marks, though is perfectly functional. Comes with mount and...
  2. thedarkknight

    Best Precision Scope around or under $2,000?

    Looking at a couple options that can help stretch the legs of a 6mm Arc build and Scar 17. Will most likely mount to a Scalarworks leap mount.
  3. J

    Optics US Optics TPAL SN-3 5-25 x 58mm Internal Bubble w/ Rings $2550 shipped

    US Optics SN-3 TPAL 5-25 x 58mm Sunshade, Internal bubble level, Caps, IOTA $2550 Shipped and insured Original owner. Amazing optic. Every dream option I could come up with. Large light gathering 58mm objective. Bubble level. MPR reticle with EREK mil knob. Rings Badger 34mm Alloy Functions...
  4. The4GunGuy

    Optics FOR SALE: Zero Compromise ZC527 WITH 36mm Spuhr 6001 Mount

    This is a used, but very well taken care of ZC527 5-27x56 FFP (First Focal Plane), with the MPCT2 reticle. The first picture is to show you how I have protected the scope in the 14 months I've owned it (The wrap and the front cover ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE). The scope does not include a...
  5. C

    Optics Athlon/Leupold

    Athlon Ares BTR 2.5-15x50 APLR3 Gen 1.5 with upgraded turrets. Condition is like new. Comes with Aero mount, mkm lever, and box. Asking $550 shipped Like new Athlon Midas BTR 1-6 ASTR16 Reticle. Comes with Aero 30mm FDE mount. $400 shipped Leupold MK6 IMS 34MM mount. Never used. $150
  6. M

    SOLD Sold

    Selling my Leupold VXR 1.25-4x20mm Firedot. Comes with box, good condition couple scuffs from rings. Glass is in great condition. PM with questions. $550 shipped.
  7. The_Hoosier97

    SOLD WTS Nightforce SHV 5-20x56 .250 MOA - ForcePlex - Illuminated

    Nightforce Asking $900 shipped, insured, paid through PayPal F&F This scope is pretty much factory new. As pictured, the seal was not broken until I took pictures of the contents. Whoever purchases this, will be buying a new scope for about 1/3 less than new price. Saving up for night Vision...
  8. HKslave

    Chronicling all the optics that have failed me

    I see alot of posters come aboard to ask questions about optics on their long range guns as scopes and mounts will always be a weak point for a rifle set up no matter the amount of money spent. For this reason I have decided to chronicle all the optics and mounts that have failed me or caused...
  9. L

    A rimfire scope in a 223 bolt, will it make it?

    Hi all: So as I post this, I just purchased a howa 1500 short action in 223. I purchased a Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II ,3x9. It is currently mounted in a mp15-22. As I have a side red dot on that 22, a trs25; I want to use that scope in the new 223 bolt action. Will the scope take the recoil? I do...

    SOLD Sightron SIII Long Range 8-32x56mm MOA 2 Reticle - $700 OBO

    SOLD Sightron SIII Long Range 8-32x56mm MOA 2 Reticle - $700 OBO Model #25149 This scope is lightly used and in good condition, slight ring marks from some nightforce rings and very slight marks on the bell that are barely noticeable. Glass is flawless, turrets track true and no mechanical...
  11. Link LQ Chen

    Ring or mount height commonly used

    HI fellows, I am working on the design of a 2.5-15 power MPVO concept that needs to determine the obj size The current option is 34mm max to clear 0.8 in height rings and 44mm to clear 1in the ring or mount height. Which one do yall prefer?
  12. KeithStone

    Optics Eotech Vudu 1-6 SR1 *Trades Added

    Scope is like new and is setting in a seekins 0moa mount $1175 It is a mil reticle with .2 adjustments Trades Custom actions Carbon 6.5 blank TT Diamond 2 stage RRS tripod Anvil 30
  13. Aggie1819

    SOLD Eotech Vudu 5-25x50 Horus Reticle and Nightforce Scope Base

    Eotech Vudu 5-25x50 with Horus reticle. Will include Nightforce Xtreme Duty- Ultralite Unimount 34mm Titanium/AlloY Scope and Base: $1700 Scope Only $1500 Pictured with and with/out sunshade. Includes original box and owners manual. PayPal Friends and Family or Venmo The Vudu 5-25X50 is...
  14. N

    SOLD WTS Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24x50

    I have an old Bushnell Elite Tactical (BUSET6245FG) 6-24x50 FFP MIL with G2 reticle scope for sale. I’ve had this thing for a long time still works great holds zero and dials good but I have no use for it. $500 I can sell the whole package for $600 *SOLD* comes with LaRue LT158 SPR-S 10MOA...
  15. N

    SOLD WTS Athlon Ares BTR

    I have a very nice Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27X mil 30mm FFP Gen 1 for sale. Works great dials correctly but I have no more use for it. $450 Also have the rest available $600 for the whole package or I can separate after the scope sells $60 Vortex Pro 30mm med rings $30 Vortex Defender...
  16. dcogan@360Precision

    SOLD ZCO - 527 Scope with MPCT3X reticle - FOR SALE

    360 Precision is an authorized dealer for ZCO and we have (1) Zero Compromise Optic 527 scope with the "New" MPCT3X reticle in stock. If you are interested please reach out to us for pricing. We also have sunshades, Flip Covers, and Spuhr mounts to compliment the scope. Email...
  17. C

    Rifle Scopes Reticle not centered in scope eyebox

    I have a Bushnell Elite Tactical LRTS 4.5-18x44. I have had the scope for maybe a year and have been using it during that time with no noticeable issues. I just went to move the scope to my hunting rifle and noticed that the reticle is not centered in the eyebox, or field of view, when I look...
  18. 65fetzer

    Optics Razor hd gen ii

    Gen ii 4.5-27x56 ebr7c, only 1 year old, turrets are crisp like new. Scope only 1700. NF rings, level, throw lever 1950 tyd. Looking for mark 5 pr2
  19. SkepticalTiger

    Rifle Scopes Alternatives to GLX in $750 range?

    What is the platform for the scope? (Examples: Rifle (Bolt or Semi-Auto), Pistol (Semi-Auto or Revolver) Semi Auto AR15 What cartridge are you shooting? (Examples: 22LR, 223, 308, 338 Lapua, etc.) 223 / 556 What is your intended use for the scope? (Examples: PRS, Benchrest, Hunting, Target...
  20. G

    Optics Nightforce NX8 1-8x24 with Larue SPR-1.5 mount

    I have a excellent condition Nightforce 1-8x24mm NX8 scope in a Larue SPR-1.5 mount. Has the F1 FC-MIL reticle. Has the illuminated center. No issues, like new, just been setting in the safe. I don't have the box it came in as I guess I misplaced it. Scope seen the range 1 time and is...