1. hypertex

    Reloading/ammo sightings section?

    I don't wish it to be too complex, but in the current situation at the shops a separate section to alert <span style="text-decoration: underline"><span style="font-weight: bold">members</span></span> when components, etc. become available. Perhaps a subforum. This could be done away with after...
  2. TonyC

    Online Traiining Section Missing

    Errr, OK, I can't get to the online training section from the main forum menu - it's gone..... If I go to my stuff and link to a post I made in the section it's there. Anyone seeing same or have I finally cracked? TC
  3. A

    Article on USMC Precision Weapons Section

    New article in the current Leatherneck magazine online about the activities at PWS. <span style="font-weight: bold">Precision Weapons: Handmade by Marines for Marines</span> Some additional pics ... Eric C. Reid installs a universal night sight on a M40-A3 sniper rifle in the Precision...
  4. Phylodog

    We need a conspiracy theory section

    I know for a fact that agents from federal government have broken into my home and placed GPS enabled tracking threads into my underwear so that they won't have a hard time finding me when the time comes to kidnap me and force me into a slave labor/re-education/concentration camp in the mojave...