self defense

  1. thedarkknight

    New tech and advancements are here. Whats the new best AR15 cartridge?

    We all have 223/5.56 and it's been around long enough. Even the military wants a new cartridge. There have been many advances and discoveries is tech, powders, aerodynamics, etc. If cost and availability were not an issue, what do you think should be the next cartridge standardized for the...
  2. D

    Training Courses LPR Elite Securities Group, Inc.Tactical Carbine and Pistol Course Toccoa GA June 21-22

    Another elite training opportunity is being offered by LPR Elite Securities Group at Georgia Mountain Shooting Association in Toccoa GA June 21-22 2014. This is a course led by Pete Italiano, former team lead of president Hamid Karzai's security detail in Afhanistan (read his background and...
  3. Redback One

    Training Courses Redback One 3day Home Defense / Personal Protection: Aug 15-17, 2014 - Moyock, NC

    3-Day Home Defense & Personal Protection Course Instructor: Jason Falla Course dates: August 15-17, 2014 Cost: $900 Location: Moyock, NC Range facilities: Academi PRE-REQUISITES: The Home Defense and Personal Protection course is open to ALL law abiding citizens...