1. C

    Gunsmithing How to pull shell after head separation?

    I had a head separation on my 300 Win Mag today. What would be the tool to pull the portion of the brass shell still stuck in my rifle? A link to the part would be appreciated. Would this be the tool to use (?): I've googled and...
  2. Cerebus

    Shell casing temps

    I noticed something odd (to me anyway) the last couple weekends at the range. The shell casings coming from my AR10 are very hot, too hot to pick up right when they're ejected. This seems normal to me. But shooting the very same FGMM out of my R700, I can catch the casing in my bare hand as I...
  3. Smokin

    An AR without a shell deflector or forward assist?

    Ive been looking at AR Upper receivers and have been looking at a few of the newer forged billet manufacturers. Sun Devil makes a billet upper without a forward assist or shell deflector. Would you buy this type of configuration or do you feel that the forward assist is still necessary?