1. godofthunder

    Tikka Flat Trigger Shoe by Rusty Nuts Designs

    I'm excited to announce my first product off of my CNC machine, a Tikka Flat Faced trigger shoe! People that shoot Tikkas know that they already come with pretty darn good triggers. What if you want a flat shoe to go with your build though? You'll have to dish out a couple hundred bucks for...
  2. T

    Fieldcraft shoe polish as a buffer?

    somewhere i read on here that people use neutral shoe polish on their rifle actions as a buffer whenever they bed them. alright... with that being said, could i use it as a buffer agent inside my action when i spray paint it? i really didn't like it when my bolt got all gummed up when i painted...
  3. T

    Gunsmithing JARD trigger shoe for Jewell's

    Anyone have any experience w/ this product for the Rem 700? Thanks in advance!