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Tikka Flat Trigger Shoe by Rusty Nuts Designs


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Oct 2, 2013
I'm excited to announce my first product off of my CNC machine, a Tikka Flat Faced trigger shoe!

People that shoot Tikkas know that they already come with pretty darn good triggers. What if you want a flat shoe to go with your build though? You'll have to dish out a couple hundred bucks for an aftermarket trigger pack! Or at least that's how it used to be. We now have a drop in replacement shoe for your factory Tikka trigger packs!

Installation is simple, and I will be adding a "How-To" video on the install this weekend. I will be offering 3D printed punch blocks to help with the install for a small fee, and will provide the STL file for free, for those that have a 3D printer already or have access to one!

I had 10 or so prototypes made and they have been in the hands of Snipers Hide beta-testers for the past couple of months. Hopefully some of them will chime in with their thoughts, but from what I have heard the overall feedback has been very positive!

Pricing is $35. Will likely offer some anodized, those will be around $40.


A few technical details:
Machined from 6061 Aluminum
Bead blasted finish
As will all of our products they carry a lifetime guarantee

trigger shoe 2.jpg

trigger shoe 1.jpg


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I am one of the Beta testers. Install was pretty straightforward. Make sure you have the correct size pin punch and most anyone can do this. I installed it in a T1x Rimfire that I use for Rimfire PRS style matches. My factory trigger was at about 1.5 lbs and was crisp. I use a KRG Bravo stock rifle has around 10,000 rounds thru it on stock trigger. My first impression after installing the straight shoe was that it had lightened the trigger pull but the scale showed the same weight I think the longer length of the shoe makes it feel lighter but the big benefit is it moves the location of trigger rearward and makes it much easier to get the 90 degree trigger pull with a vertical gripped stock or chassis. I shot some practice matches and couple of real matches with it and it ran perfectly and safe. I went ahead and got a YO dave spring and installed it as well. Trigger breaks at about 14 ounces and is drop safe. I have had it down to 11 ounces safely but feel that is to light for my shooting style. I have at least 2000 rounds on this set up and probably 6-8 matches. While it has not taken me to top of the leader board I feel it has helped my shooting. I feel it is easier to get on the trigger correctly in some of the weird positions we end up firing from.

For $35.00 it is a cheap and easy uprgrade and I feel will certainly be a upgrade to a already damn good trigger. Combine it with the $10.00 spring and it is as good or better than most aftermarket triggers.
Mine is still running great. Got another 1500 round thru it and 3 more matches. Pulled a 3 rd place finish with it today in a NRL22 match. Trigger was flawless. Did have firing pin break though on a dry fire a few weeks ago. No fault of the trigger. But heed the warning dry firing will cause firing pin failure. Great product
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