1. Firemarshall27

    Gunsmithing Help! Side boltstop promlem

    I bought and had a gunsmith install a side boltstop kit on my action and I cant rember were I got it. I am having a problem with it the stop had mushroomed out from slamming it back during firing and I could not get my bolt to come out. Anyways I got it out and had to file it down to get it to...
  2. J

    Gunsmithing Remmie Receiver Side Bolt Release

    Are these custom built or parts from a major manufacturer?
  3. 19Scout77

    A3 w/ side flush cups pic needed

    Could somebody with a McM A3 with side flush-cups post a pic please? I want to see where the factory puts them. Thanks.
  4. ECHO4

    Rifle Scopes Side Focus on SS is dunzo...

    The side focus on my SS 10x42M decided to quit today after a minimal 3 yrs of use. It turns but the focus will not adjust. I made sure the turret was tight and it is. Guess I need to start saving my pennies...
  5. XxMerlinxX

    How fares it on the other side of the fence?

    With the ammunition... hell, I don't even have a word for it, end of the world batshit insane hoarding, I've started looking at reloading pretty hard. I nearly pulled the trigger on a Hornady Lock-N-Load setup last year but ended up putting that money towards a new gun safe. Well I'm pleased...
  6. mavrick10_2000

    Gunsmithing Rem 700 Who does a Side Receiver Bolt release?

    Just like the subject says. I want a Huber trigger, but I have a stock Rem 700 action. I'd like to know of any smiths that perform this modification. If I assume GAP, and APA (Jered) do this would I be correct?
  7. C

    Trying to sell equipment to our side.

    M-200 Military. We have one for sale. We don't want it sold to just anyone. Ideas?
  8. R

    Rifle Scopes Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50 Side Focus

    I've searched, but haven't found much info on this scope. Has anyone had any experiences with this or use one possibly? It's the version with target turrets and side focus. Here is a link to it: My budget will be...
  9. tundramuscle03

    Side Charging option for .308 AR.....Thoughts???

    Hey guys I got in on the Iron Ridge buy for .308 lowers, I got 2 in the DPMS lower config and I was thinking about using the Fulton Armory upper with the side charging question is...Has anyone here used the FA upper with the side charging option? Likes? Dislikes? Any other opinions...
  10. 2

    Gunsmithing AR bolt carrier side charging handle

    Does anyone know of a supplier for "FN style" charging handles? I need one for an project and my machinist doenst have time right now to make one.