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  1. Nicholi2789

    Reloading Equipment 77 gr SMK 500 ct box

    Hey guys, I have an unopened box of Sierra 77 gr smk bullets for sale. Great bullets for a trainer rifle or AR platform. Asking $185 shipped to you. Thanks!
  2. G

    Reloading Equipment .338 Projectiles Hornady Sierra Berger 285gr 300gr DFW, TX will ship.

    I have two sealed boxes and one partial box of .338 projectiles but nothing that can send them down range. - (Sealed) Hornady 285gr ELD Match 50ct. - (Sealed) Sierra Matchking 300gr HPBT 50ct. - (Partial) Berger Elite Hunter 300gr 25ct remaining. I also have 158pcs of clean 1x and 2x fired...
  3. Turbwhistle

    SOLD Proof research ruckus prefit 20” 308

    Selling my proof research 20” carbon 308 for a defiance ruckus, 1:10 twist, has 200 rounds down it, shot 1/2” groups with factory ammo Barrel $525 sold!! Open to offers
  4. Near miss

    The best bullet for AR

    Hello, Can we discuss about what is absolutely the best bullet for AR use? Because this is -slightly- subjective, by best I mean a bullet that: -is seatable to a mag length (2.250 to 2.260) -carries much energy on target -deflects wind well -does not drop much. -more points if it has good...
  5. Nicholi2789

    Reloading Equipment Bullets F/S: Hornady 108s, Nosler 105s, 77 smks, 135 hybrids

    Hey guys, consolidating my stash and have some 6mm/223 bullets for sale. I have 972 Hornady ELD-M. 9 sealed boxes and one partial. Asking 35$ a box or 325$ for all I also have 642 Nosler 105 gr RDFs. Asking $30 a box for these or 185$ for them all Also 500 77 Sierra Match Kings in .223...
  6. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD 450+ bullets for $100 Shipped! - Hornady, Sierra, Barnes

    Berger 175 grain VLD Hunting- partial box of 79 185 grain VLD Hunting- partial box of 53 $65 shipped SPF**** Hornady 165 grain BTSP Interlock - unopened box of 100 165 grain BTSP Interlock- partial box of 75 178 grain A-Max- partial box of 79 208 grain Match- partial box of 58 $75 shipped...
  7. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD 6.5 Creedmoor Lapua and Hornady brass + Large Rifle Primers + 140 HPBT + 140ELDM

    Hello I have for sale more reloading stuff: New Sierra 140 GR HPBT 100ct boxes x4 - sold each New Hornady 140 GR HPBT 500 ct boxes x3 -sold each New Hornady 140 GR ELDM 100 ct boxes x6 - sold each New Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor Large Rifle Brass Cases in 50ct boxes x6- sold New Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor...
  8. GenericBadGuy

    SOLD 6.5 Bullets Hornady 130gr ELDM, Sierra TGK 130GR, Sierra HBPT

    For sale couple more bullets for you manbun folks: 1. 3 Boxes of Sierra 130 grain TGK -$old 2. 3 Boxes of Hornady 130 grain ELDM - $old I accept PayPal Friends and Family and USPS Money Orders. Prices are pretty firm, not looking for trades at the moment.
  9. Snaz

    SOLD WTS: Speer Gold Dots & SMKs

    Speer 9mm 147gr Gold dots 5x100/CT unopened boxes **THIS NOT LOADED AMMUNITION!!** Asking DISCREET PayPal flat rate shipping included: F&F: $175 G&S: $182 6.5mm 130gr Sierra Matchkings 3x100/CT 2 unopened, 1 opened box **THIS NOT LOADED AMMUNITION!!** Asking DISCREET PayPal flat rate...
  10. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD BULLETS: 6mm / 243 , 30 cal, 7mm - Hornady, Nosler, Speer

    Doing some cleaning- got some projectiles looking for a new home. **Open to splitting up lots** 6mm / 243 Bullets Speer Boat Tail Soft Point 85gr: 64 ct Speer Boat Tail Soft Point 85gr (Lot 2): 63 ct Speer Varmint Hollow Point 75gr: 81 ct Speer Hot-Cor 90gr: 90 ct Speer Hot-Cor 90gr (Lot 2)...
  11. NHA1988

    Accessories WTS - 300 Blk Upper

    I have a 300 Blk upper I’m lookin to trade. Lothar Walthar 300blk barrel 16.5” Mid length gas NO BCG Basic forged upper Strike industries charging handle Diamondback hand guard / rail Picture shows no FA I will make sure that’s installed before transaction Upper - $550 Shipped Also have 263...
  12. P

    Load Data Discrepancy

    I am fairly new to reloading (been at it about a year). I am currently working on developing a load for my .223 AR most specifically for Varmint hunting. I currently use the 55gr Hornady Vmax factory loads. Due to supply issues and prices, i have started reloading using the 55 grain Vmax...
  13. R

    77 SMK & COAL Variations (RCBS SB Die)

    I'm loading 77gr SMKs to mag length (2.6") but I'm getting variations between 2.55" and 2.60". Is there anything I can do make this a more uniform process? Below is my process. 1. Tumble once fired brass (RP in this case) 2. Resize and deprime 3. Trim cases to length (Layman hand trimmer) 4...
  14. CraigT

    SOLD Sold

    .257 bullets a few brands and different grains. Sierra 1650 120 gr Hollow point BT 100ct unopened, Hornady #2540 100gr Spire Point 100ct, Hornady 87gr Spire Point 52ct, Nosler 43004 85gr Ballistic tip boat tail 60ct, Hornady #2520 75 gr Spire H.P. 80ct, Hornady #2510 60gr flat point 70ct...
  15. R

    Reloading Equipment Sierra 77 gr TMK - Unopened Box of 100 SOLD

    $35 net to me plus shipping from 50613.
  16. D

    SOLD WTS WTT 6.5 projectiles

    I sold my 6.5 and have some left projectiles. I will trade for .30 heavies or .30 175 SMKs I will also take reasonable offers 100x Sierra 130gr TMK ~100x Berger Hybrid OTM tactical 130s SOLD 100x Berger Long Range Hybrid Target 144s SOLD 95 Hornady ELDm 140s
  17. G

    Range Report Accuracy International AT 308 range report. Handloads

    I just tried some of hand loads last weekend. 24 inch AI barrel I swear to god, my rem 700 shoots a lot better. most of my rem 700 shot falls under .2~.5 moa with 168 HPBT 41 grains IMR 4895. I bought the AIAT used, I am not sure how many rounds it has gone through but whatever, I will...
  18. M

    Federal .308 168gr vs 175gr accuracy?

    I have a savage 10 .308 with a 1:10 twist. My local shop got stacks of federal gold medal 168 gr and 175 gr sierra matchking ammo in and i went ahead and invested in the 175gr cause i had shot some other 175 s and was already zeroed for them but are the 168's more accurate closer range. I heard...
  19. K

    Match 223 and Sub-sonic 308 Rifle Ammo

    **New price on .223*** Silenced America is has taken deliver of 40,000 rounds of 223 and 308 rifle ammo. This ammo was produced by David Tubb in the past 30 days. All brass is new featuring David Tubb's own head stamp. This ammo is available for pick up at our Amarillo branch or at our...
  20. M_16_4_REAL

    Anyone Have 155 SMK Palma Loads They Feel Like Sharing?

    bought some 155 palmas from another member here and just want to get an idea of what other guys are using. will be shooting 550-900 yards. stick: rem 700 aac .308 20" 1-10 components: fed brass cci 200 powder choices: 1. imr-4064 (have 24lbs prefer to use this powder) 2. blc-2 3...