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  1. O

    Every Dark Cloud has a SILVER Lining! **PICTURES**

    I've recently had to part with some pretty Great rifles due to financial woes and unexpected bills. I'm not at all wealthy and spending more than $1000 on a rifle is difficult for me. I was down to just my 5R when it comes to LR rifles. I also lost my Mother to Cancer a couple of weeks ago so...
  2. G

    Rifle Scopes silver scope

    I am looking for a silver scope for my wifes f-class rifle. Is Weaver the only company that makes them? they are the only ones i've seen. thanks.
  3. J

    Rifle Scopes Silver Scope Rail?

    I have a Savage Model 12, short action, with a round receiver. It has a stainless barrel and i would like to put a silver or stainless scope rail on top if it. All i can seem to find are black rails or normal bases that are silver. Please let me know if you know where i can find this. Thank you.