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    Rifle Scopes USO > Simmons > rock (USO torture test)

    You always hear people say "I could hammer nails with my USO", but the reality seems to be that all optics are a little tougher than we think. Well, this one goes out to all the people too afraid to hit a new USO on a phonebook to knock a little dust off their reticle. (Brought to you by...
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    Rifle Scopes simmons review?

    looking at a simmons 6-24 prohunter and 44 mag mildot scope side focus for use on 22lr for target 50 to 250 yards, around $150. i tried the search but couldn't find what i was looking for any body have or used to have one of these? please let me know if you had any problems with it as far as...
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    Rifle Scopes Thoughts of the Simmons AETEC 4-14x44 MB SF

    This is my virgin post and , being a ol, burned out, body wasted member of the non-organized milita; I find myself looking for some help on a scope I just got to place on a light weight .260 Remington. I live in an area where the long shot is a dream, and with my health, I probably couldn't hit...