1. S

    Primers at Powder Valley Wolf all sizes
  2. Jester308

    Gunsmithing common Flash suppressor/ MB thread sizes

    I stumbled upon somewhere out there in the world wide web a list of the common flash hider and muzzle brake thread pitches and the weapons that use them,however have since lost it and now cant find it again. Anyone have something similar or a link on hand? cheers fellas, JJ
  3. 95LTZ

    22lr group sizes?

    What do you think better than average group sizes should be for a 22lr at 100, 200 & 300 yards? I'm thinking 10 shot groups. Not once in a life time groups but, just plain old good groups.
  4. G

    Bushing Sizes for 6.5X47L

    Did a search and didn't find anything I could use. What Redding bushing sizes are you using for best results. Will be starting with the 123's L. With Lapua brass. Thanks GoldenRod
  5. R

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Buttler Creek cover sizes

    I searched but could not find the sizes listed for the 4.5 x 18 x 56 or the fixed 10x eye and objective sizes. If any one can help I would appreciate it, Im looking to pick these up locally today and neglected to measure my scopes this morning before leaving for work. Thanks
  6. S

    Rifle Scopes what lens cover sizes for bush 4200 1.25-4X30?

    What size butler creek lens covers does the bushnell 4200 elite 1.25-4X30 use? I just recieved this scope from an order and i need the lens covers for it. It is going on my extreme 6.8 upper in a larue mount. thanks for your help.
  7. sobrbiker883

    Rifle Scopes BC Flip up sizes

    <span style="font-weight: bold"> BUSHNELL Elite 3200: 1.5-4.5X32 09A EYE, 15 OBJ 1.5-6X42 09A EYE, 15 OBJ 2x28 HG 05 EYE, 09 OBJ 2-6X32 HG 13 EYE, 07 OBJ 2-6X32 05 EYE, 15 OBJ 2-7X32 09A EYE, 15 OBJ 3-9X40 17 EYE, 28 OBJ 3-9X40 Firefly 14 EYE, 28 OBJ 3-9X50 14 EYE, 44 OBJ 4-12X40 AO 09A...
  8. burnzpowder

    target sizes

    I have used the search function to try to find what Im looking for here but with no reults, What Im looking for is a list of known sizes of objects to use for ranging estimation, like tractor trailer wheel size 20", door frame 80" and such. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
  9. LoneWolfUSMC

    168 FGMM Group Sizes?

    What kind of groupings (5-shot or more) are you guys getting out of 168gr Federal GMM from a stock Remington chamber/barrel? I ask because up until now I have been shooting hand loads and getting reasonable accuracy from my rig. For training yesterday I had to run 168gr FGMM (our duty round)...
  10. fastford

    Advanced Marksmanship steel target sizes

    i am going to make some steel targets to use out at the farm. what size do you guys usually shoot at? 100yard 200 300 400 500 600 800 1000? thanks!! Chris