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  1. Festeraxp

    Accessories ATI SKS Chassis WTT

    Would anyone be interested in this? I don’t own one and do not need it. I would like to trade. Trade value shipped is like $65. I’m open to whatever. I can always use 6mm projectiles .308 projectiles. Let me know or am I just wasting my time. Thanks.
  2. B

    SKS Wont extract

    I have a yugo sks that is having an extraction problem. I have to put the but of the rifle on the ground and stomp on the bolt handle to get it to extract. It does this with a fired case, and even when i try to cycle rounds through it without firing. It is not a gas valve issue. I dont see any...
  3. H

    Gunsmithing SKS slam fires?

    My father is giving me an SKS so not sure which country it came from if it even matters. But he says it will slam fire every once in a while. I didnt ask if he loads a round in the chamber first with empty mag, or if it strips a round and fires. So not sure there. What would cause it and how...