1. Cosmic338

    Found Varget, H4350, & More

    They have some powder down at Carters Country in Katy, Texas near Houston. 1 Pound of each brand per customer.
  2. VA-Varminter

    Hunting & Fishing Modern Muzzleloading Resources

    After spending hours and hours reading numerous forum posts on other sites, many outdated and all but abandoned, and researching countless sites offering everything from complete rifle builds to parts and pieces, it strikes me that a single resource thread for information might be useful. Here...
  3. T

    Smokeless load for a 45-120

    Does anybody shoot a 45-120? Are you shooting smokeless? I have tried a few 405 grain loads. I want a load that fills the case. I have shot it for years with black powder, but I want to try smokeless.