1. ds

    Rifle Scopes USO sn9

    Thought I would share some thoughts on USO sn9’s as not much is normally written about that model, in particular the 10-42x80. [/img] First I like USO optics, great scopes and great people. The scopes work better for me than S&B, Swaro, Nightforce, Loopy , Khales etc…….they are the ones I can...
  2. Dogtown

    Photos USO SN-9 on an MRP

    Yeah, it's a joke, but I suppose with 230MOA of elevation, I could dial in 900m easily The reality is that this scope was for my Windrunner, but unfortunately it wouldn't mount properly on the scope base (gaps in base's were too wide), so I wanted to verify that it mounted properly on other...