1. Bcon

    The BADDEST Cerakote you’ve ever seen COTTONMOUTH SNAKE REM 700

    Just wanted to show off the work Daniel did on my rifle over at Primal Finish in TN. I’ve had this idea for a few years and was foolishly going to attempt it myself at one point. I’m glad I hesitated and put it in the hands of a true master. This rifle is my baby, the gun I started shooting long...
  2. LS6TT

    Fieldcraft photo request - snake skin/webbing camo

    Can everyone that has done this style paint job post their pictures. addtionslly if ou can link to the highest res possible that would be great. thanks example
  3. ARP

    Photos Snake in the grass

    I am in the process of squirting some paint onto an AR10 for a hide member. A little timber rattler look Hope you like it MegaCab ...