1. Ak7

    Firearms Defiance Deviant 6cm Barreled Action 1300!!

    Selling a Snyder built Defiance Deviant (20moa rail) in 6mm creedmoor. 24” bartlein m24 with APA little bastard brake. This is a RW Snyder marked Defiance Deviant action. There is 980 rounds on it. 1400 shipped.
  2. RobG

    More RW Snyder goodness...

    Just back from Robert is my first custom gun, Remmy 700 LA in 7mm RM. The gun was/is being built with a pretty tight budget all things considered. The gun itself was a inheritance from an uncle that passed. I sold the optics it had and bought the stock and BM. So total with the barrel and...