1. Midwest Optics

    Accessories SB SOB Brace w Tube

    SB SOB Brace w Tube Excellent condition. Minimal use $65 shipped PayPal or venmo. If g&s please add for fees Text 618-927-7719
  2. D

    Maggie’s SOB Fish story

    gotta be some Fishermen here.... SON OF A BITCH FISH The parish priest went on a fishing trip. On the last day of his trip he hooked a monster fish & proceeded to reel it in. The guide, holding a net, yelled, "Look at the size of that Son of a Bitch!" "Son, I'm a priest. Your...
  3. Phylodog

    If I ever meet the SOB....

    Who thought of crimping primers I'll smack him right in his dirty pie hole....