1. Bevo

    Accessories Sold Steiner/TNVC TOR-MINI IR VPC

    Installed and ran it a couple times. Perfect condition, will ship in original box. $sold
  2. Amac305

    Accessories WTS- sold

    Selling my Proof CF prefit for an AR10. Would trade plus me adding cash for a 6.5CM barrel. Bought this here on the hide, I have not mounted or fired it. Per previous owner, barrel has 25 rounds on it. Shipped to your door. Prefer zelle, but can do PP F&F or G&S with appropriate fees. Will add...
  3. eldest584

    Firearms *$200**Unfired 16" Aero Precision 308 AR10 barrel and Geissele low pro gas block.

    Hello guys, I am reposting this AR10 barrel I have had for a few years. I initially bought it for a project that I never finished. Anyways I am selling the barrel and gas block together. I mounted the barrel on an upper receiver but never fired it so it is still brand new. The gas block is a...
  4. Amac305

    Optics FS- Nightforce 34mm Ultralight Compact Magmount

    Selling my Nightforce 34mm Ultralight Compact Magmount. Part # A362. I’ve opened it, but it hasnt been mounted yet. $265 shipped TYD.
  5. Amac305

    Accessories WTB- Geissele SSA-E trigger

    Looking for a new or mint SSA-E trigger. Could also do an SSA trigger if the price is right. Please PM me and include a price in your PM. If it is used, please let me know round count and condition. Thanks.
  6. M

    Optics Aimpoint T2 on Scalarworks Lower 1/3 Mount

    Excellent shape, newest version of the Scalarworks mount. $750 shipped, zelle or venmo (PayPal net to me if you must but I hate them).
  7. Amac305

    Optics FS- Trijicon VCOG 1-6 .308 Red crosshair

    Selling my VCOG. It has the red .308 crosshair reticle. It’s been opened but never mounted. Comes with the thrumbscrew mount, case, and all accessories. Email me for pics, not interested in a trade unless it’s heavily in my favor. Price is $1,300 shipped to your door via discrete F&F or add fees...
  8. R

    Accessories MPA chassis, SOLD

    MPA chassis; right hand, short action, 700 clone. Been painted blue. $625 TYD
  9. Amac305

    Optics FS- ACOG TA-110 D .308 Green Horseshoe

    For sale is my TA-110D. Green Horseshoe reticle. Used this for NV hunting w/ my clip on thermal, now I have switched over to eotechs w magnifiers. $850 with a TA51 mount(not shown in pics). I am keeping the Larue Mount, not selling the Larue Mount unless you want to pay $100 for it, which I...
  10. Amac305

    Optics WTS/WTT- TA-110 ACOG .308 -sold

    Selling my TA-110 LED ACOG. This has the Red chevron reticle for .308. Has not been fired yet. Battery cap has scuffs from when I tightened down the cap, other than that scope is 100%. let me know if you have any questions. I’d take $825 shipped to you door with tracking. Would consider a trade...
  11. Amac305

    Optics WTS- FDE RM07 (6.5moa) and RM09 (1moa)

    Selling my FDE RMRs. The rm09 is type 2, the rm07 is type 1. Have had the RM07 for a year, then got the RM09 recently with a plan to put it on my pistol but I think I might go with an SRO instead. The RM09 is has never been mounted or fired. The RM07 is currently mounted on my Glock and has...
  12. Amac305

    Sold- Trijicon TR25 (1-6x30)

    Selling my TR25 1-6x30. Red Triangle post reticle. Scope is NIB, still sticker sealed from Trijicon. Payment via F&F is fine. I usually ship most of my stuff here via UPS w tracking, but will use the carrier you prefer if one is better in your area than the others. Switched over to Spuhr for...
  13. hacabrera071

    SOLD!!! == Original Gamechanger ==

    Guys, Up for sale, a used (great shape!) game changer. This is not the pint-sized game changer, this is the original (big) one. 90 USD shipped within US.
  14. john strapp

    * sold out now / disregard

    Primers all sold out now....
  15. Y

    Surplus brass not being sold anymore???

    I just heard today,that surplus brass will not be sold anymore. I thought that this was already was not going to be destroyed...but sold as always. Has the sale of sale brass been stopped??