1. O

    Source for RL25?

    looking to buy some, anyone have a good source on it right now?
  2. veezer

    Source for 50 bmg muzzle brake?

    Anyone have any sources for these besides the Armalite AR50? I am looking at having a 50 made and cant find much on where to get a brake.
  3. Jumper

    Best source for a Dillon XL650?

    I need a better progressive press for 10mm, 40S&W, 357SIG and 9mm. I've settled on the Dillon XL650 with a nod to the Hornady LnL AP. Can anyone recommend a good online source for the Dillon? Also what accessories do I need and what can I do without? Thanks.
  4. J

    Source for M14/M1A Match Operating Rods???

    Sirs Do you have any recommended sources for Match operating rods for the M14/M1A. thanks in advance
  5. J

    Source for good hard cast plated 9mm & 45 bullets?

    Anyone have a recommendation and source for good plated hard cast bullets? 9mm (124 gr) and 45 (200 or 230 gr) for practice? Thanks James
  6. BAT_Boy

    Suppressors Mag source for Glock 30?

    I've recently purchased new Glock 30 and 36 handguns and have been unable to find magazines in stock anywhere. Can anyone provide a source? Thanks, BAT_Boy.
  7. C

    H4895 source?

    Looking for 8 lbs... any ideas?
  8. J

    Source for dense foam?

    Sirs I want to repalce the foam in a couple of rifle cases with a customr cut (I'll cut) denser foam. Any recommendations on sources?? thanks
  9. NorCal Vu

    Source for 6mm 115 DTACS BN

    I can't find it on D. Tubb's website. Anyone got a good sourse for these. Thanks, Vu
  10. macthknife

    Suppressors Source for 1911 build parts?

    Been looking around for other 1911 frames and slides from manufaturers besides Caspian and STI. At one time I had decided to start a build on one of Caspians titanium frames, but the cost and tooling issues have put a hold on that. Now I think I'm going to use an aluminum frame and build a...
  11. J

    H&R M12 Scope Base - Great Source!

    Guys I just got a scope base for my H&R M12. Some of you shoot M12's so you might be interested. I got one from Ken Viani 8928 N. McVicker Morton Grove, IL 60053 you can see one and also get the email from this link: they run $90 and also...
  12. deersniper

    Source for subsonic .308?

    Does anyone know where to find subsonic .308 from tti, black hills, ebr or Lapua? Everything I find is out of stock. Thanks. -dan