1. SniperCook

    Firearms RUGER 5.56 Magpul upgrades FDE with Red dot

    RUGER AR 5.56 with Magpul furniture and upgrades. Flip up sights. Red dot Sparc AR Vortex. Flashlight foregrip. Sling as well. Asking for 900. Pay pal f&f Zelle. Shipped to FFL.
  2. A

    Optics Vortex SPARC I for sale - SPF

    $95 shipped. Mounted once, fired maybe 20 rounds through it to sight it in. It comes with the original box, all things that came with it (magnifier, other mount, spacer, etc.). Throwing in 8 extra batteries. Is NV compatible. Been occasionally selling stuff on here since before the sight moved...
  3. R

    Rifle Scopes Will buy 3 dot sights: Which one?

    I will be buying three dot sights: 1 for my SBR (in .30 carbine) that will be tossed into my truck; 1 for an AR-15; and one for an AK-47. The Vortex SPARC looks like a good contender, although there have been some comments here that it's good that Vortex has such a good warranty, because a...