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    Rifle Scopes Spin Drift Questions / Solutions?

    Guys I am over my head and need advice. I copied some stuff from some different websites on the Magnus and Coriolis effect. I remember the back site on the trapdoors was made at an angle to compensate for part of this. I know that it is not going to be 100% but. We have started making scope...
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    Scope cant vs. coriolis + spin drift

    Been lots of talk lately about these factors, seems the paper punchers (F-class, Palma and BR) worry about it more than the steel shooters, as I believe the former shoot in more unknown conditions with quicker changing conditions between targets, therefore making these factors (apparently)...
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    Range Report .243 Spin Drift??

    does anyone know the spin drift on the .243 remington express core-lokt 100 gr. PSP? Velocity is 2960. any info is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!