1. M

    Advanced Marksmanship Looking for maker of split butt plate

    As posted,Am looking for split butt plate for prone rifle. In prone position,I put top of butt plate in pocket, which is on collar bone,After 50-60 rds of 6.5/284, It is sore, Am looking for plate to put OVER collar bone, Have seen some pictures, Need websites PLEASE............miker
  2. Joe-n-TX

    Once fired LC Split Necks 556

    Well, I was bored and wanted to do something gun related around the house. I knew I had about 300pc of spent LC 556 brass so I thought why not tumble them. The LC brass was from reloads that I purchased with a buddy for a carbine match so we wouldn't have to burn up our 31a and 193 good stuff...