1. Curahee19

    Firearms WTS Defiance deviant long action 338 lapua with Atacr

    Selling my defiance deviant long action chambered in 338 lapua badger ordnance fte muzzle break bartlein barrel timney calvin elite trigger accuracy international chassis Spuhr mount 6 mil/20 moa Nightforce atacr 7-35 mil xt f1 2 5 round AI 338 mags Shipped insured to your ffl. Rifle shoots...
  2. Curahee19

    Firearms Defiance deviant 6.5 SAUM

    Hate to see this one go but I just don’t shoot it This is a custom built by Marc from Spartan precision Defiance deviant short action magnum bolt face 26 inch bartlein chambered in 6.5 saum 1:8 twist Area 419 magnum muzzle brake Timney Calvin elite 2 stage flat shoe Spuhr QD mount 6 mil/20 moa...
  3. A

    Optics Kahles k624i W/Spuhr mount

    Like new no damage/marks k624i, LSW, comes with spuhr 4001 mount. Both have 150 bench rounds on them, no hunting/matches. Have both boxes and everything they came with. 1850 shipped! PP FF can send more pics if needed thanks.
  4. D

    Optics ZCO - Spuhr Mount & Tenebraex Scope Covers

    SPUHR mount :SP-61602 Unimount 36mm 16 MIL/55 MOA Height: 38 mm/1.5" Length: 139 mm/5.47 Tenebraex scope covers Asking $350.00 shipped. Paypal F&F or Venmo
  5. D

    Optics ZCO: 5-27x56, MPCT1 with Spuhr Mount

    For Sale ZCO 5-27 with Spuhr Mount MPCT1 Reticle, Right Wind Turret, 5-27x56, 36mm main tube, 15.24" L, Illuminated SPUHR mount :SP-61602 Unimount 36mm 16 MIL/55 MOA Height: 38 mm/1.5" Length: 139 mm/5.47 Tenebraex scope covers Original neoprene cover, bikini caps, and original box/documents...
  6. Bolt Thrower

    WTB Spuhr A-0029 Raptar Adapter

    Looking for a Spuhr A-0029 Raptar Adapter (the standard height version). Figured I would try here before buying one new. This is the item I am referencing: https://spuhrwebshop.com/en/accessories/rails/a-0029.html
  7. Night Vision Viking


    This was just posted by Spuhr. I understand the product is about "ready" to ship, as in not just a marketing trick and then wait another 2-3 years before you can actually buy it. I hope to get a sample very soon for a Remington 700 to try it out. What do you think about the potential?
  8. S

    SOLD WTS: Spuhr SP-5016 35mm Cantilever - $305 Shipped

    I accept PayPal G&S + Fees, F&F, or venmo. No notes! Spuhr SP-5016 - $305 Shipped + G&S Fees Scope was mounted in it once, but never used. In excellent condition with some small rosin residue in the inside rosin grooves. Factory wax was degreased and was installed with blue loctite. This is...
  9. epmonies

    Accessories Items Sold

    ALL ITEMS SOLD!############################################################### Brand new Spuhr SP-4016 - 34mm cantilever mount 0 MOA - 1.50". Mounted on my rifle and took it right off, too heavy for my build. Still have original box and all screws. $375 + Shipping. PP F&F, Venmo, Zelle...
  10. mhgray5

    SOLD SLR B-15 16" Rifle .223 Wylde

    Rifle will be disassembled and sold as individual parts at a later date. 16" AR-15, parts listed below. The rifle was built properly by a certified armorer under a class 2 SOT. The suppressor is not included. SLR B-15 matched upper and lower receiver. This is NOT the ambidextrous lower. SLR...
  11. aroddc3

    SOLD Mark 5 PR1-MOA 5-25 176448 and Spuhr

    Selling my used Leupold Mark 5 5-25 non-illuminated. Spuhr mount SOLD. $1700 shipped for scope. Bought the scope from another member on the hide. Works great, glass is clear, little signs of wear, but in good shape. Spuhr mount bought new and has only been mounted with this scope. No resin...
  12. ucsfl05

    Accessories Spuhr 4011 - 1.10” - 34mm - 0 MOA

    NEW in box, never mounted or used. $370 TYD CONUS
  13. Novak77

    Optics Spuhr SR-4000

    Hey all, Still finding stuff in my gear cave to sell. Snagged these off the hide (2019) in excellent condition and they’ve sat in their box ever since. $old in the lower 48

    SOLD WTS Spuhr 3026 (30mm)

    In excellent shape, no box, just the mount. PP FF or Zelle. $320 shipped lower 48
  15. Bolt Thrower

    SOLD Spuhr 4601 Scope Mount (34mm / 1.18" / 20MOA)

    Spuhr SP-4601 34mm rings, 1.18" height, 20MOA cant) - $360 shipped Used, but in good condition. Includes all hardware and the leveling wedge. This is the newest version with 5 clamping screws to allow for both normal mounting or cantilevered mounting.
  16. unoigo

    Accessories Spuhr SP-3022 30mm Mount

    This is the Noveske Shooting Team 3 gun mount by Spuhr. SP-3022 30mm 0 mil/ moa 1.5” height (co-witness with irons) $240 shipped PP FF or you cover fees. Thanks. Item is cross posted.
  17. DeSnifter

    Optics Schmidt & Bender, Nightforce, ARC, Spuhr, Geissele Assorted

  18. unoigo

    SOLD SPUHR 3002 and 4001 Mounts

    Both slightly used and in excellent condition. Ships as shown. Bubble level separate, see below. Shown mount on the 3002 as an example. They are SPUHR levels. 3002, 30mm, 1.5” high, 0 MOA - SOLD 4001, 34mm, 1.2” high, 0 MOA - SOLD A-0119 Bubble level, x2 - Both SOLD prices are shipped and net...
  19. aroddc3

    WTB WTB Spuhr SP-5001

    Looking for SP-5001 - thanks!
  20. J

    Optics Spuhr SP-4001 SOLD

    Catch and release. I just bought this used but it's too high for me. Condition is like new, includes all screws and leveling wedge. $350 shipped. PP F&F, Zelle, Bitcoin