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  1. C

    Stevens 200 can be a shooter!!!!

    I promised picture of the Stevens 200 that I put together as a suppressed short range sniper toy. The gun was completely torn down, trued and sandblasted before Duracoat was applied. I polished the bolt and tweaked the trigger to about 4lbs., cut the barrel to 17" and threaded for 1/2"x28 tpi...
  2. J

    Tikka T3 or Stevens 200

    Hello Hide, I'm new to the LR shooting gang. Generally shoot ARs and handguns. I have an older 700 in .243 currently. I'm looking to get something in .308, and learn to shoot it <span style="font-style: italic">well</span>. I hope to not have to make a lot of modifications after the fact...
  3. tonguefun100@yahoo.com

    Photos stevens 200 in progress

    my stevens 200 chambered in .243