1. Oddball Six

    Safe Hygrometer

    Do you have a hygrometer sitting in your safe to monitor humidity? Bought some land and for the first time have a nice "shop" space to bolt down the safe. It will be less climate controlled than the house, but... its Colorado so its pretty dry here. Thinking maybe add a hygrometer to the...
  2. T

    Ammunition Storage and Display Cases

    Click on products.. some really cool stuff here..
  3. Jayne

    Making primers last longer in storage?

    Any tips on making primers last longer in storage? I've got some old primers I bought back in college.... um.... 17 years ago and I've had a few misfires with them recently. I'm not so worried about the old ones at this point but I've stockpiled a number of new primers and want to make sure...
  4. Hawk45

    Suppressors Project: Safe door handgun storage for $15 (pics)

    So I've been thinking about what to do for a while and finally found a cheap and easy way to make use of the safe door to mount my handguns and free-up more interior room inside the safe. Not to mention it looks cool and makes it easier to find and organize my handguns while keeping them from...
  5. T

    M40A3 Pelican Storage Case Pic's?

    Anybody have any pics of what the internal layout of an official USMC pelican 1750 case looks like? Was wondering, because I want to set up a transit case for my M40A3. Some layout and content pics would be great. All the best, Carl
  6. J

    Fieldcraft Ammo Storage

    I'm not if this is the best place for this, but what do you all do as far as storing your ammo. In the field and at home? Thanks, J