1. C

    Maggie’s Why Having Wolverine's Claws Would Suck

    Wolverine claws
  2. Tucsondave

    Suppressors AWC 3 in one Can Sorry,I suck at posting pix!

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  3. Jimmy2Times


    Well I was out shooting my MK II FV today for the second time and I have decided that the plastic POS stock that it comes with is total junk. Just like the factory stock on the FP10's. Absolute garbage. I cannot, for the life of me, get a decent cheek weld on this thing. With all that being...
  4. R

    Does Federal .308 brass suck??

    I won't even bother loading .223 with Federal brass anymore because I, and a lot of other shooters I know have had issues with loose primer pockets. I THOUGHT I'd read that wasn't a problem with their .308 brass, but, I was priming some Federal .308 brass that I'm 99% sure was only once-fired...