switch barrel

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    Is a switch lug necessary for regular barrel swaps?

    I built a 6.5CM on a Bighorn Origin action. I really like the build and was wondering if I can just grab a few different barrels and bolt faces so I can change it from 6.5CM to .223 to 6.5 PRC. My question is, other than being more convenient (not needing an action wrench and barrel vise) is it...
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    Chamberings for a switch barrel rifle

    Looking at putting together a switch barrel system and after some reading WTO seems like a good shop and an easy system. It ain’t no MRAD or AXMC but it won’t cost as much either. Thinking a defiance action with an AX 338 chassis. Now I come to the decision on chamberings. I know I want 308...
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    Po Man’s AI

    Being a bit of a caliber whore, I wanted a single action that I could easily swap barrels and one that has a large offering of prefits. I’m also a tad bit frugal too. That led me to a Bighorn short action Origin to start with. It was a great action and I had the ability to run barrels cut for a...