1. txbass97

    SOLD WTS: Trijicon ACOG TA31F Red Chevron - Excellent Condition 2021 Mfg. Date

    ACOG TA31F Red Chevron- -Used in like new condition. Very minimal signs of use. -Tritium is still very bright. Mfg. Date 2021. -Original case, manuals, hardware included. -Trijicon SKU 100215 . S/N 1052464 $810 shipped I have a Larue LT681 QD mount that I will include for $100 I Can verify...
  2. T

    Rifle Scopes Pics of my new Acog TA31F with Larue RCO mount

    I didn't like the fact that I had to give up my rear irons, but I did try the LT100 and did not like it. I like were the ROC puts my cheek when looking down. This setup is one fine piece of equipment!!! You can tell just by holding it that its built. I sold my eotech 553 with magnifier to get...