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  1. TangoSierra916

    Accessories WTS/WTT: MDT Chassis

    For sale or trade is: MDT ESS REM 700 long action footprint chassis with both hand guards and the arca rail $1,000 Includes what's pictured only, shipped within USA only Zelle check or money order only Trades(with established members only +-$): Impact rh 737r action Impact rh 777...
  2. M

    SOLD Steiner C35 package SOLD

    Selling a lightly used Steiner C35 which has the pic mount. Will come with a Burris eye piece, 5 spare batteries, quick charger, hard case and original box with associated cords and paperwork. Wanting $2500 shipped NO TRADES.
  3. W

    Night Vision Jerry CE5 clip on thermal

    Brand new, never used. This is the battery pack version, you need to use the battery pack to power it, which comes with it. 640X512 resolution. 3.4k ship or local pick up in socal, santa clarita. Paypal, venmo or zelle fnf.
  4. R

    Maximum Point Blank Range (Night Hunting Application)

    @SkyScrapin and I were going back and forth on what our go to night rifles are, and he thought it would be a good idea to share some info on the trajectory side of things, so here we are. FYI, his stuff is way cooler and probably shoots much better than mine! A little background; I started yote...
  5. G

    Night Vision WTS - Pulsar Proton FXQ30

    Photos Asking $2,700 shipped PP G&S included Pulsar Proton FXQ30 thermal viewer/clip-on. Includes everything that came with it (clip small and large clip on mounts + all inserts, Bluetooth remote, and hard and soft carry cases. Also includes picatinny rail mount that was purchased separately...
  6. 556nateo

    Night Vision BAE UTC X Thermal Clip-On

    Selling my UTC X. Very minor wear. Larue mount locks up tight and I’ve confirmed the unit has <0.5MOA POI shift. This unit does not have TracIR. Comes with manual, CD, video out cable and padded case. I am a newly subscribed SH member but can provide countless references and perfect...
  7. G

    SOLD Nox 18 for sale

    I have a like new Nox 18 for sale. It has been out 1 time as a helmet mounted scanner. It works great, I just don’t use it enough to justify it sitting in the safe. It has 3 years of warranty left. $4550, shipped. Other high end optics are the only trades I’d be interested in. The image is...
  8. FuhQ

    Night Vision *** NEW *** AGM Rattler TS50-640 2.5x-20x (50Hz) Long Range Thermal Scope

    New video is up featuring the AGM Rattler TS50-640 Long-Range Thermal scope. This is just a video of looking around through it around the house. This scope has a 2,500 yard detection range, but it picked up the heat signature of a passenger jet from God knows how far away (as you'll see in the...
  9. G

    Optics WTS: ATN THOR 4

    For sale is the ATN THOR 4 384x288, 1.5-5x. It is like new, used once. Can’t find original box, one owner. Comes with extra battery pack. Priced at $1000, obo.
  10. N

    Night Vision Bering Optics SUPER YOTER R

    Bering Optics SUPER YOTER R 3.0-12.0x50mm Compact Thermal Weapons Sight, VOx 640x480 core resolution, 12um pixel pitch with LaRue Tactical QD mount (BE46050L) Apex3D Magnetic USB adapter Butler Creek Multiflex flip open scope cover eyepiece side, #19-20 (1.73”-1.775”) Over 2 years left on...
  11. R

    New Thermal

    Trying to decide between a few options for new thermal. I am primarily a pig and predator hunter with all shots taken inside 200 yds, most within 50-100 in open fields or low brush areas. I've only used Bering and AGM before. Option 1) Bering Super Hogster A3 35mm - Familiar with and like Bering...
  12. Rade1MOA

    Optics AGM Adder lnib $2500 shipped

    TS50-384 Thermal scope The scope basically perfect all box, chargers and docs included. 30 mm qd ADM mount included Picture in Picture display Shot recorder Audio and video recording $2500 shipped
  13. MtnGhost

    SOLD SPF Safran / Optics 1 COTI Thermal Imager (LIKE NEW)

    Safran / Optics 1 COTI thermal imager clip on. Works very well on my PVS-14. Includes thr manual and factory nylon MOLLE case as shown. $1950 shipped CONUS
  14. D

    Night Vision Pulsar Kyrpton FXG50 Clip-on

    Little over a year old Pulsar Krypton FXG50 clip-on. Been a solid unit, comes with 2 mount options and 2 batteries. Pm for videos and Pics.
  15. D

    Night Vision WTS N-Vision Halo X50

    Bought new May of 21. It has been a solid unit. Comes with factory adm mount and bobro along with extra batteries. Will trade for collimated clip-on with cash. Pm for pic and videos.
  16. T

    SkeetIR-L POI shift

    Hey guys, I tried shooting with my skeetIR-L using the Unity skeet mount and wasn’t able to get impacts onto an A-zone sized steel at 100yd during a recent day trip at the range. For context, I was using a 1-8x ATACR at 1x magnification. The LPVO itself was confirmed to be zeroed with the match...
  17. D

    Night Vision WTS N-Vision Halo X50

    Bought new from Thermal Optics Plus in May of 2021. Will trade for collimated clip-on. I’ll supplement any value difference.
  18. RTS Shooting Systems

    Night Vision L3 Harris Cratos

    L3 Harris CRATOS Thermal! My Cratos has spent less than one work day in the field. It spent most of its days in front of a camera lens when a new rifle build was completed. “Yes just showing it off” This is my personal unit and can provide the original sale’s invoice showing it was brand new...
  19. G

    SOLD WTS Halo-LR

    I have a gently used Halo-LR for sale. Warranty good through April 2024. Nothing wrong with it, I upgraded to XRF. $4800 insured and shipped. Would consider a trade for a 7-35 F1 Mil-C plus cash or a used Barrett MRAD.
  20. MasonSims

    New to Thermal and need suggestions!

    Hey everyone, this will be technically my first post here. So I’m looking to get a thermal on this years Black Friday sale and I’m going back and forth between the IRAY RH-25, and the AGM TC 50-640. Both units seem to do well from the footage I’ve seen and the reviews I’ve looked at. I want...