1. Warlord

    Night Vision Fs/Ft - Steiner DBAL-PL IR/Laser/Light

    Lightly used Steiner Dbal-PL Has IR Illuminator and laser as well as white light and visible green laser. Got this in trade and dont have NV to use with it. $725 Shipped or Pm me with a trade.
  2. mavrick10_2000

    Night Vision FS: FLIR T70 ACTS-SR Thermal Clip on Sight

    FS: Flir ACTS -SR T70 Thermal Clip on Sight in excellent condition and well maintained. Less than 20 hrs total usage and kept in my safe in a smoke free home when not in use in my sheltered blind. Hand/tripod or AR15 use only. I have good feeback here, ebay and on other forums. Comes...
  3. WindstormSCR

    Best Solution for Thermal/NV on a medium range do-all rifle?

    So in the context of someone relatively new to the full NV game who is looking to spend money wisely, what solution would be considered the best option for NV and/or thermal on a rifle that normally rolls with a 2.5-20 NX8 and offset RDS? Ideally NV/Thermal fusion would be the holy grail, but...
  4. R

    Night Vision NIB Pulsar Axion 2 XG35 LRF Thermal Monocular

    I have a New in box Pulsar Axion 2 XG35 LRF Thermal Monocular for sale. The unit has 1900+ yard detection range, 640x480 Microbolometer, 1024x768 AMOLED display and Built-in photo and video recording. I bought this brand new at the end of September (2022) from Outdoor Legacy Gear. There is about...
  5. M


    FLIR THERMOSIGHT T50 -Non IR Laser model • Compatible with Standard Day Optic • Longwave Thermal Imaging Sensor • Multi Use Design • Rubber Shroud • Small and Lightweight • Simple Operation • No Special Batteries Required Never seen field use on a rifle. I used it for fun a few times...
  6. roostercogburn98

    Night Vision PRI NV Rail

    Looking for a PRI NV rail with 8-40 screws. Used is ok as long as it mounts right. Let me know what you have. Guess I should include details. Rem700 SA Step down version 8-40 screws
  7. R

    Night Vision 1280 vs. 640 Footage

    Lots of 1280 footage and 1280 vs. 640 direct comparisons in this video (iRay RICO RS75 vs. iRay Bolt TH50-C) and lots of dead hogs and coyotes.
  8. CoolHandLuke0321

    Night Vision Deleted

  9. T

    iRay RH25 and Magnified Optics

    Hi all, I have a brand new RH25 that I'm still learning. So far, I haven't been able to get a clear view through it in clip on mode mounted to a rifle. So far, I've tried it on a 4x ACOG and a 5x ATACR. When I remove the thermal to use as a handheld, I have no issues getting a clear image...
  10. cornhuskid

    SOLD SOLD - WTT - As NIB Burris BTS35 Thermal Scope for Brea USO or FDN 17x

    SOLD - I have an as NIB Burris BTS35 Thermal Rifle Scope for trade. Looking for a great way to get into thermal cheap? You found it! I purchased this new a few months ago from TheHebrewHammer. All docs included. This uses a 400x300 sensor unlike other 3xx cores. Super easy to use as...
  11. S

    Night Vision AGM/PRG Defense TS50 Micro 384 Thermal

    Looking to sell my AGM/PRG Defense TS50-384 Micro thermal. It is labeled PRG Defense which then turned into AGM and is still serviceable by AGM. The thermal is a 384x288, 50Hz sensor with a 1024x768 display and a 50mm lens. The only thing it lacks from the newer models is that it doesn’t have...
  12. cornhuskid


    WITHDRAWN FOR NOW. TOO NICE TO GIVE AWAY AND WITH THE ECONOMY SO TIGHT IT'S TOUGH TO MOVE EVEN THE GOOD STUFF! Good Morning Gents! I have two sets of night gear and need to move this extra set to help pay down a "mid-life crisis" car I just purchased, LOL. iRay scope no longer available...
  13. Shadow_Warrior


    bought some thermals for a hunting trip and never ended up using them, all three are brand new sealed in box. I can ship anywhere in the US. PM me for me info BERING OPTICS SUPER YOTER C THERMAL CLIP-ON ATTACHMENT 50 mm lens-$ 4,795 BERING OPTICS HOGSTER VIBE 2.0-8.0x35 THERMAL SIGHT $2,695...
  14. D

    Night Vision WTS Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XP50a with 2 battery’s and Pic rail mount

    Brand new in box I never used except to test when first bought. Too busy to use need the money. $4,900 for everything shipped.
  15. NateSavannah

    SOLD WTS/ WTT Steiner S35 $3400 SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling my 2 Steiner Thermals. Just bought a Jeep and need to recoup my down payment. Wanted a new ride more than I wanted to keep my thermals. So the thermals got to go. I opened them, looked thru them. Put them on a couple rifles. Looked thru them. Than took them off and put...
  16. James Staub

    Night Vision *updated* Night Vision/Thermal safe clean out

    Cleaning out the safe to make room for some new stuff. All units have low hours, function properly and without any damage. Happy to provide anything you need to prove that I am not a Nigerian Prince trying to scam anyone. If you have questions please ask. L3 CNVD-LR Clip On White Phosphor NV...
  17. PRCHunter

    SOLD BRAND NEW L3 LWTS FOR SALE *price drop*

    I have a Brand new (0 shots on the permanent counter) safe queen L3 LWTS that comes with a larue QD mount, 3 shrouds, case, Manual, and quick reference guide. $7500 shipped or $8500 in trade value towards a set of 2376min PVS31/1531 or DTNVS, RNVG with either L3 or Elbit high high spec tubes...
  18. T

    Thermal recommendations

    Hey guys, would love recommendations/reviews on thermals. Looking to make a purchase in the coming weeks and budget is $3-6K. I’d like to use the thermal for hunting for clip on use with my 6.5CM Tikka w/ NF ATACR 5-25, 5.56 Rifle with 1-6 LPVO, and as a handheld. So far, I’ve been...
  19. smokeandmetal207

    Night Vision WTS ATN Thor LT 3-6 160 Thermal LNIB 775

    Bought with hopes of coyote hunting and I'm simply too busy. Probably overpaid @$1100. I'd like to see $900
  20. K

    SOLD Want to sell iRay ML 19

    Purchased less than a year ago. Only Used twice. Just dont get out as much as I thought I would. iRay ML19 $2200 Shipped CONUS. PP F&F, Venmo, or Zelle