1. AF_TT

    Night Vision NVISION NOX 35 Thermal

    Got several irons in the fire so I am looking to consolidate my tools and collection. So up for consideration is this new NVISION NOX 35, these are BAE core units and have manual focus. Performance is AWESOME! Asking $6750 shipped, located outside of Kansas City. Trades: Optics Range finding...
  2. flatlandsurvival

    Night Vision Pulsar Trail LRF XQ50

    For consideration is my Pulsar thermal optic. Absolutely no issues. Only problem is I never have the chance to get out to utilize it. Someone else just as well have at it. Comes with everything as if it were new. Overall condition, near new. Any questions, please ask. Asking $3500/includes...
  3. cornhuskid

    SOLD SOLD - Pulsar Axion XQ38 LRF 3.5x-14x Thermal Monocular - $2150 Shipped

    SOLD Pulsar Axion XQ38 LRF 3.5x-14x Thermal Monocular As New in box with all docs. Extras include THREE additional APS5 batteries. I have used this exactly twice looking over the golf course. I am only selling to help fund other NV purchases made, and to "maintain marital bliss" as the Wife...
  4. 918williambrown

    Optics Lots of stuff radius, NF, Razors, Maven, STI, Gun crafter industries,

    Moving stuff around may trade on a few things but trying to finish a project. Nightforce mil XT 7-35 like new with box 2850 Maven RS4 mil 5-30 1500 Silencer Co radius perfect shape no box 900 2 vortex razors gen 2 4.5-27 1650 each Pulsar XP 50 thermal from night vision outfitters 3500 Never...
  5. R

    Night Vision Super Yoter C - Any Experience Yet?

    I know these aren't super common yet, but this is an interesting clip on in the sub $5k range with a 640 core. Only info I've seen is human detection to 2,500 yds and up to 20x magnification supported but this seems very optimistic for a clip on under $5k. I'd love to be wrong!! Does anyone...
  6. D

    Night Vision Pulsar XP50 Trail Thermal

    Works great, battery holds charge, lenses are perfect. Comes with two cables, charger, case, unfilled warranty card, manual, and quick detach mount. I bought it off a fellow on here last year and didn't get the chance to take it back home to hunt. It was mounted, zeroed, then removed and kept in...
  7. dravz

    SOLD Nox 18 thermal 1x, used for 2 hours, $5600 shipped (SOLD)

    --SOLD-- As seen in this thread -- -- I bought a Nox 18 thermal 1x and it's not quite what I want. Reselling here to avoid a restocking fee. Essentially brand new, I walked around my property with it for...

    Night Vision WTS -ATN Thor Smart HD 384 2-8x Riflescope w/ accessories & addons - $1700 Shipped

    Offering here before I list on Ebay for higher price. Everything you need to get the ground running included correctly with this scope is included. The Tenavolts are a must and the external charger can really help too which I bought new. Picked this up a year ago for a friend to use when...
  9. Jumper

    Night Vision WTS/WTT Leupold Tracker 2 thermal scanner

    I have a Leupold Tracker 2 thermal scanner that I'd like to sell or, trade for a tripod. I received it for Christmas and its like new in the box. It works fine but my eyes are getting old and require me to hold it too far away to effectively see the display. I have only used it to walk...
  10. J

    Night Vision Skeet thermal / 329 core NOT 640

    Looking for a used skeet thermal monocoular, the older core, 320. Feel free to text 903-387-2995
  11. N

    Night Vision Pulsar Lexion(LE Helion) xp38

    Pulsar lexion xp38 handheld thermal scanner. This is the law enforcement version of the helion xp38. unit was purchased new in early march 2020 everything works as it should Included: lexion xp38, carrying case, ips7 battery, battery charger Please reach out with questions, also I am...
  12. MtnGhost

    Night Vision Thermal Suggestions

    I finally had the chance to do a field test last weekend with my dual PVS-14 setup. The damned wildfires screwed up my plans to fill my hunting tags, so I decided to use those 4 days that I had closer to home in the North Cascade mountains to hunt smaller game and test some new gear (ahead of a...
  13. dckoch

    Optics WTS ATN Mini Thor 320 4.5X 60HZ Thermal Scope

    Want to Sell a ATN Mini Thor Thermal Scope. I bought brand new and have owned the unit for a few years and never really used it. Unit is in excellent shape and truly has only mounted and fired on a pellet pistol. Unit comes in hard case with original manual and warranty information plus the...
  14. Brown2008

    Optics Thermal Eye X50

    L3 thermal eye x50. Great for quick scanning. Less than 30 minutes total use on it. No issues just finding a wild hair truck project. Asking $2k obo
  15. Brown2008

    Optics Price Drop WTS: FLIR Armasight Apollo 640 30hz Thermal

    Bought this about 7 months ago and it’s never seen a shot. Put it on a rifle to test for alignment was about it. Great thermal for the money, I’m just eyeing something else. $3750 was $3500 now $3250 to your door, comes with everything from the factory.
  16. J

    Optics Trijicon SNIPE-IR $6800 OBO shipped CONUS PRICE DROP!!

    Got this scope in Nov 2019. It is brand new in the case with everything in came with. I have mounted it to a rifle and observed through day scope, but have not fired. I purchased at the same time as a like-minded shooting friend and unlike me, he has the land to test thoroughly for what we...
  17. StealthOwl

    SOLD: FLIR Scout III 336 - 60Hz Thermal Monocular

    For sale is a FLIR Scout III 320 (actually a 336x256 sensor) at 60Hz - the unit is in excellent condition with very little use. Works perfectly and has a quick startup. Only reason for selling is I don't get enough time to hunt, and I'd rather someone put it to good use. Steal it for $1350...
  18. Ring

    Night Vision Thermal Targets on the cheap

    cross post from, not MY POST... Thermal Targets on the cheap - AR15.COM
  19. L

    Night Vision FS/FT Hand Held Thermal

    I don't read the rules so I get banned.
  20. MODArmory – Nicole

    Night Vision Night Vision Shoot MODArmory / Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex - Colorado Springs

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo...