1. XLIV

    Rifle Scopes such a thing?

    Is there such a thing as a 10X leupold tactical in 1 inch? If so does anyone have one they want to sell? I'm stuck with one inch rings for my SSG.. tks 44
  2. 19Scout77

    I've got a DeNiro thing!

    My two girls are done, and shooting fine. Could not be happier with the way they shoot. The A3 is a .308. The A4 is a 7wsm. Both built on FN SPR actions with CDI bottom metal.
  3. caseys2023

    Rifle Scopes Any such thing?

    A fellow worker told me there is a scope with the push of a button you can jump through magnification ranges... He did not specify anything other than that they did exist... He said it started out at like 1.5x than jumped to 4.5x to 8x or something like that he claimed. Is there any such thing...