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  1. Sniper266

    SOLD White Oak Armament A2 Service Rifle Upper Receiver

    Selling my White Oak Armament National Match A2 Pre-Ban Upper receiver and BCG. This upper has 1/4 MOA pinned rear sight, Hooded rear aperture, .052 front sight, free floating handguards, and the lead weights for the front. The barrel is a Krieger, 1-7 twist, with a 223 Wylde chamber. The...
  2. Wheres-Waldo

    A little cash to throw around

    Hi gentlemen, I come to you tonight with a rough idea of what I'de like to do with a little spare change in my pocket. Some feed-back would be nice. Ive got a few G's, (although I dont plan to spend it all) on modding one of my old rifles or picking up a new one. I'de rather have some work...