1. C

    Tikka, Bergara or Howa..

    hi guys 👋, In the process of looking for my first rifle, this will be a 243. Used mainly for deer stalking and varmints just now. Looking to eventually get into some target shooting. I have narrowed it down to the tikka, the bergara and the howa. Other rifle suggestions are more than welcome. I...
  2. AKMarty

    Elite Iron on a Tikka Tac A1

    Is anyone with the Tac A1 using the Elite Iron Revolution bipod? In the original chassis, what size offset are you using for the pic mount? I don’t have access to my rifle for now to actually measure it myself. Thanks https://www.eliteiron.com/product/revolution-bipod-mounts/
  3. C

    WTB Tikka 6.5cm or .308 barreled action

    Looking for a Tikka T3X 6.5 creedmoor or a .308 barreled action. Even more interested if it is in a KRG Bravo.
  4. fmillik

    Sako 85 and Tikka Prefit

    I‘m about 1200 rounds into Sako 85 260 Rem, and I was wondering if anyone knew about doing a rebarrel on a Sako 85. Can I use a Tikka prefit or is this something I should just send out to a smith when the time comes? (barrel is still shooting great, but at the rate I am going the barrel will...
  5. Billiam1211

    WTT/WTS Steyr Pro Hunter 270 Win for Tikka/R700/Steyr 308

    Just curious if anyone would be interested in a Steyr Pro Hunter in 270 win. This used to be my hunting rifle and I took my first white tail with it. Shoots 1/2-3/4 MOA with my reloads. It’s got about 300 rounds down the tube. I just don’t use this rifle much and wouldn’t mind entertaining the...
  6. U

    WTS/WTT: Tikka T3X CTR - Stock and Magazine

    I have a brand new CTR stock and magazine from a 6.5cm Tikka. These were never used. When the rifle came in I immediately dropped it into a chassis that runs AI mags. I would prefer to sell these together I will sell the stock and magazine together for $180 shipped, or I will trade you for: -...
  7. slickalaus12

    T3 Feeding Issue

    Hey guys, Yesterday I pulled out my T3 Hunter 30-06 to shoot it a few times at the range before my next trip. I have never had any cycling issues with it but yesterday I was having to use alot of force to push the bolt down to lock it into place on most cycles. Some were the normal, smooth...
  8. E

    24’’ Tikka Tac A1 + IMR4451 + 147 ELDM + CCI450

    Hello, Looking for guidance for the above in Lapua SR brass. Also looking to pick up some RL16 & 26, although heard good things about the IMR Enduron range. Thanks!
  9. Shelby stark

    SOLD KRG BRAVO Tikka Chasis with two ACCURATE mags $350 Shipped

    Selling my stock and two accurate mags. JUST THE STOCK... lol i know you people...
  10. slickalaus12

    T1x Action Smooth

    Hey Guys, First off I am new to the site, and fairly new to guns in general, so please forgive my lack of terminology. I recently purchased a T1x after already owning a t3. The action on the t3 is very smooth, the bolt will slide back with the slightest tilt of the gun. Purchasing the T1x I am a...
  11. Ncloud

    Tikka Tac A1 6.5 cm

    For sale Tikka Tac A1 6.5 mm creedmoor Approximately 300 rounds fired .5 groups with 147 eldm box ammo 2 stage factory trigger Folding stock Muzzle break 2 mags 1400$ Optic, bipod and Tripod not included text1-317-672-87two5
  12. AKMarty

    Painting a Tikka Tac A1 Chassis

    I have the Tikka Tac A1 6.5cm and am wondering about how it would do taking paint. Anyone have experience painting the Tikka Chassis? -surface prep -paint type -cure time -durability Obvious alternative to paint would be a cerakote finish. Thanks for the ideas
  13. B

    Question for Tikka TAC A1 owners

    Just bought a Tikka T3x TAC A1 went to install my Thunderbeast CB mount, but I ran into a problem, and I know I can't be the first. For whatever reason, Tikka did not put an undercut or relief cut between the end of the threads and the square face of the barrel shoulder. Not only is there no...
  14. clcustom1911

    Tikka T3x Tac A1 Factory Ammo Test: Berger 130, Prime 130, Berger 140, Hornady 140 ELDm, Federal FGMM 140 SMK, Black Hills 147 ELDm

    Ok, a few days ago I had a talk with my new-to-me T3x Tac A1 chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. The conversation was one sided and went something like this: There was a mutual understanding she was going to get run hard and put away wet. Today was my first real range outing other than getting...
  15. J

    Tikka t3 lite for semi custom?

    I found an outlet to buy a tikka t3x lite in 6.5 creed for 469$ and I was wondering if it was a good starting point for a semi custom rifle, new stock, bolt shroud, and bottom metal asap then eventually swap the barrel down the road, Primarily for a target/hunting rifle up to 1000yds... are...
  16. C

    Tikka T1x

    Setup: 20 inch stock barrel, MDT LSS-RF chassis, actions screws torqued 30 in-lbs, Scope: Sightron Bigsky, YoDave trigger spring, DIP rail, Limbsaver dampener on barrel end Most groups will be shot from front rest/rear bag sitting but will throw some bipod/prone in as well. Today's best...
  17. tylerw02

    Tikka CTR 6.5 Creedmoor, Leupold

    Tikka T3X CTR in 6.5 Creedmoor Excellent condition, low round count. Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x50 TMR, knobs converted to M5 0.1 mrad per click Badger Ordinance steel rings. $1750 shipped Conus to your FFL from an individual. Suppressor not included.
  18. Novak77

    Tikka 595 Master Sporter .308 $1100 to your FFL

    Up for your consideration is a Tikka 595 Master Sporter in .308. I bought this as a poor mans TRG (wife shoots a TRG :p), finally found a TRG22 for myself, so its time to let it go. I am the second owner, first owner claimed less than 350 and I've put less than 150 through it. This rifle is a...
  19. Dman3931

    Tikka CTR or Lite with Chassis

    I was one click away from purchasing my first Tikka in a CTR 6.5CM, when I stopped and wanted to take a poll of the forum, as they are much more knowledgeable than me on the subject. Basically, if you purchase a Tikka Lite 6.5CM and immediately drop it into a chassis, is that better than buying...
  20. Dman3931

    Bergara, Browning, or Tikka Recommendation?

    New to the forum and wanted to ask the groups opinion to help me best select my new rifle. I grew up shooting small calibers for target practice and I’m well versed in ARs as an Army vet and through my Sig M400 with an EOTech XPS2. I have recently got into hunting and have done a fair share on...