1. unoigo

    Accessories SOLD Timney 2 Stage for Ruger Precision RPR

    **SOLD** New in unopened box. $195 to your door. PP FF or GS and you cover fees. Thanks
  2. MrSunday

    Accessories SOLD: Timney Calvin Elite 2 Stage Trigger (R700)

    For Sale: Timney Calvin Elite Two-Stage Trigger Great condition. No issues. Includes Removable Bolt Release. R700 Type Features: Drop-in design Adjustable second stage pull weight ( 8 ounces to 2.5 lbs) Lightweight 6061-T6 CNC Machined aluminum housing with Wire EDM cut, Heat treated Tool...
  3. JMcE42

    Firearms LRI Mausingfield 6.5 Creedmoor KRG W3

    Sold & Shipped I have a LRI built 6.5 Creedmoor that I'm looking to sell. Specs below. ARC Mausingfield Krieger #17 Heavy Varmint barrel 24" (aprox. 1800 rounds) LRI Cathedral Port break KRG W3 Gen 5 Folding chassis Sako Green w/ ARCA rail & spigot mount Large & Small grip panels, & SAP 2 round...
  4. O

    New Member, New Rifle, New York

    Hello Everyone, I am the new owner of a Remington 700 Tactical in .308 with a 16.5 5R barrel: KRG Bravo Chassis Primary Arms SLx 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS-HUD-DMR scope Nightforce - Rem 700 SA 1913 Mil-Std - 20 MOA base Timney Trigger at 3lbs Strike Industries King Comp...
  5. T

    Accessories Timney 510 for Remington 700, Seeking 30mm high rings

    I have for sale a good condition, fully functioning Timney 510 for Remington 700, RH, black that was in a rifle that saw less than 1000 rounds. $90 Shipped. I also have for sale brand new in packaging Seekins 30mm high rings. I believe the height is 0.97". $90 Shipped. I take PayPal and...
  6. Kinetic Moose

    Accessories SOLD Timney Trigger Remington 700 2 Stage TYD $100

    Good evening gentlemen, Here we have a Timney 2 stage trigger up for grabs. PM for paypal address...

    Accessories WTS - (2) Timney Calvin Elite 2-Stage / RH / Straight Blade Rem. 700 Triggers

    BOTH SOLD I have two nearly new Timney Calvin Elite 2-Stage / RH / Straight Blade Rem. 700 Triggers for sale. Both units were purchased shortly after the beginning of the year and were hardly used. Both work flawlessly and have no major signs of use or defects. Asking $120 shipped for each...
  8. S

    Accessories Timney AR15 Competition trigger 3lb, $110 free shipping

    For sale: Timney AR15 Competition trigger 3lb Standard curve Small pin Used condition, Works perfectly $110 including shipping
  9. Curahee19

    Trigger cleaning and maintenance

    Hey guys after dusty matches trigger can get dirty. Want to know how you guys clean them out to prevent any misfires from happening
  10. spelunk

    Accessories SOLD - Timney Calvin Elite triggers Remington 700

    ***ALL SOLD*** I have three Timney Calvin Elite triggers for sale. One is a single stage with curved shoe, the other two are both two stage triggers with a straight shoe.All are used but in perfect working order. They all come with a bolt release to use with factory rifles, or it can be removed...
  11. M

    SPF: TriggerTech AR15 Adaptable triggers

    I got a little carried away on Black Friday with some purchases. I've got two extra Triggertech triggers I don't have a use for at the moment. These are the Adaptable version which can be adjusted between 2-5lb. They are both the same. SPF- xxx each shipped USPS Priority Small Flat Rate...
  12. A

    Timney Calvin Elite R700 $120 shipped

    Name explains it, but it's factory, never been adjusted just shot it. Feels around 2.5lbs no issues. Only trade would be for a Timney Howa 1500 Trigger. Does NOT come with trigger pins. I may have the factory bolt release and factory packaging, but will verify when I get home. Money Orders...
  13. Cody S

    ARC Mausingfield 6creed MPA

    suppressor, scope and bipod not included. MPA BA comp chassis with full weight kit included and steel bag rider kit. mausingfield action, timney trigger, ARC M10 Magazine and rings. 6mm creedmoor barrel 275 neck 109 freebore bartlein m24 7.5 twist 26". 2400 shipped, obo. may be open to trades...
  14. BLAMM


    I am selling my backup rifle/practice rifle as a barreled action. It is a 223 Ackley Improved on a Remington 700 action, 26" heavy varmint barrel cut by ragged hole barrels. Throat for heavy bullets. 8 twist for 55gr to 80gr bullets, .5 to .7 moa gun with 55gr factory norma 223 ammo out to 400...
  15. Cody S

    Which trigger should i buy (for PRS)

    Building a new rifle. Ive used a jewel HVR trigger in my old prs gun and i love it. some people say they have problems. Mine personally has not yet. im going to get a new rifle (probably) on a mausingfield action. this gun will be solely for competitions. So as far as a R700 trigger... which...
  16. M

    Gunsmithing Help with Timney install failure - spring and sear disintegration

    Hey I’m hoping someone can help me rectify a failed Timney installation. I tried to install a Calvin Elite in my Rem 700 5r 300WM. Problem I ran in to was that the hole for the front pin was partially blocked by the bolt release lever. Regardless of what position I try, I cannot move the...
  17. D

    Remington 700 X Mark Pro Recall. Just replace the trigger yourself!

    I had already replaced mine w/ a Calvin Elite, but I figured I would "replace" it with another one to show the process. The X mark Pro is an awful trigger to start with, might as well upgrade instead of sending it in.
  18. 2

    Any Savage LRP owners think your trigger is the weakest link? Have you changed yours?

    Having put 300 rounds through my LRP now, I can honestly say the trigger seems to be the weakest component. I have 27 instances where my trigger pull was not fast enough to effectively reset the trigger and a slight living of the bolt, and reset and you are good to go. I have a slow and...
  19. C

    Remington 700 in Manners T5A with Mini-Chassis - Need Help.

    I have a Manners T5A with mini-chassis that was originally on a Surgeon 591. In order to run my Rem 700 action in the stock I had to clearance the area to the left of the trigger shoe ( Timney Trigger), and relieve an area behind the bolt slot to allow for the back swept 700 bolt. While I...
  20. scudzuki

    Timney 510 trigger adjustment

    I have a practically new Timney 510 in my equally new Remington 700. The instructions that come with it suggest backing the screw on the front of the trigger assembly out to decrease trigger weight. There are 2 screws in that location, and the instructions do not indicate which one to...