1. JaysonF

    Rifle Scopes Badger Ordnance base question

    Does anyone know what size Torx screws come with the Badger Ordnance 20 MOA savage short action base? The item code is 306-06SAT and everywhere I look at best just mentions that there are Torx screws included. I lost the screws (D'oh) and now I have to order more. I see 2 different sizes on...
  2. OFIS

    Gunsmithing torx screws and recoil lugs

    who sells torx action screws? i can only find allen head and would prefer torx for a build. and does material matter when getting a recoil lug (steel/ss)? fyi action is steel and barrell is stainless.
  3. Snafu12

    Gunsmithing Torx or 12 PT Remington Action screws?

    Torx or 12 PT Remington Action screws? Where can I buy 2 or 3 sets?