1. Terry Cross

    Rifle Scopes Totally disgusted with Leupold

    I apologize in advance but I have to rant for a second. I have always been a huge, huge Leupold advocate. They were always my benchmark for quality, innovation and U.S. workmanship. I own an awful lot of their product and continue to use it regularly. However. . . . In the last few years, I...
  2. J

    Rifle Scopes Which binoculars? - I am totally new.

    Hey guys I'm looking to get a really good, durable set of binoculars. The thing is, I dont have any clue about what specs are "good" and what is really available. I am looking for a smaller pair (as long as that doesnt degrade the quality/distance) I would assume in this day in age, it wont...