1. P

    Gunsmithing Phoenix crown touch up..

    Anyone in the Phoenix area able to touch up a barrel crown?? Thanks in advance..
  2. M

    Rifle Scopes Getting in touch with Heritage

    Is there a phone# to call to inquire/purchase a Heritage scope?
  3. Red_SC

    New KMW 260- with the Sentinel touch!

    At the Practical Marksman match last year I won a .308 Krieger MTU contour barrel and action truing from Terry Cross. When I talked to him, he allowed me to trade the barrel for any caliber and contour I wanted, and he very graciously allowed me to do a full build around it. So, Terry donated...
  4. B

    Movie Theater Shooter for iPhone/iPod Touch

    Has anyone seen/played Shooter on the iPhone? It just came out last Friday and is already in the Top 100 games on iTunes. If you want to see a video of the game in action or some screen shots: READY… AIM… SHOOTER! The Official Movie Game TARGETS...