1. Rick_gcprifleco

    Left Hand Sale For Sale: Left Hand Vudoo V-22 Gen.2, Gen. 3 in Vision Chassis or KRG Bravo Chassis, Both Available, New

    Left Hand Vudoo V-22 Complete Rifles $2,780.00 – $3,759.00 Ready to ship rifles. LEFT HAND RIFLES ONLY Vudoo V-22 Gen. 2 barreled action with a 22” Kukri profile. Bartlein barrel, threaded 1/2x/28, comes with thread protector. Barreled action is in a KRG Bravo chassis with the upgraded...
  2. wksinatl

    Quad trainers past 200yds???

    You guys who got in on the Sako Quad group buys....I have some questions. Are any of you shooting up (and past) 200yds. I'm looking for some real deal no Bull Shit info on your results. What kind of groups are you shooting CONSISTENTLY. I'm not looking for a picture of a "wallet target" but...