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    Suppressors adress for transfer

    I sent in my application for the transfer for my suppressors from my dealer to me, it was returned to sender. I sent to the adress listed on the form, and I do not rember right now but I beleve a Chicago Ill. adress if I rember. I t's been a while, I've been busy and gone, things have been...
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    Water transfer coating question

    What do you guys think about this water transfer as it pertains to coating a rifle? I ran across a booth at a recent hunt expo in town, and they had some very neat patterns. Their prices seemed really reasonable, so befor giving them a try i wanted to see if anyone has any experiance with it or...
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    face to face gun transfer from different states???

    I plan on buying a rifle from another member soon. We would perfer to to do FTF transfer, but I live in South Carolina and the other member lives in Georgia. I have spoken to 3 different FFL's and got 3 different answers. The current answer is for the Georgia member to bring the rifle to SC and...