trg22 or 42

  1. L

    Firearms Sako TRG 22/Extras $2750

    First post so here goes. Please let me know if I should change anything, or if I'm doing it wrong. WTS Sako TRG 22 Classic .308 Previous owner told me he put 600 rounds on it, and I've put 180. He also had the barrel shortened and threaded for suppressor. Bought it to get into reloading, but...
  2. Providentarms

    Firearms Sako! TRG42 A1 in 338 LM

    NIB & RTS asking $7499
  3. GBMaryland

    Gunsmithing TRG-22/42 Parts?

    Anyone know where to find Sako TRG-22/42 cheek and butt spacers? I called Berretta and no one is there for a week... and the customer service people don't seem to be able lookup any parts or find the parts when I GIVE them the part numbers. Nuts. (I'm trying to avoid tjgeneralstore or the...