1. A

    WTB Looking for a Bix or TT trigger RH

    Looking to pick up a RH Bix or TT 2 stage, would consider a single at the right price.
  2. godofthunder

    Tikka Flat Trigger Shoe by Rusty Nuts Designs

    I'm excited to announce my first product off of my CNC machine, a Tikka Flat Faced trigger shoe! People that shoot Tikkas know that they already come with pretty darn good triggers. What if you want a flat shoe to go with your build though? You'll have to dish out a couple hundred bucks for...
  3. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories FOUND: Triggertech Diamond 💎 flat shoe

    Like the title says, looking for a TT Diamond in flat shoe if at all possible. Thanks! 🙏🏼
  4. Kimber.204

    SOLD Found << WTB Tubb T7T Trigger >>

    I'm looking for a Tubb T7T Trigger. David Tubb has them in stock, but I thought I'd check here first. Let me know. Thanks, Ross
  5. Safety_3rd

    Accessories $225 Triggertech diamond two stage flat

    225 shipped. Like new just like my single stage. Can ship tomorrow.
  6. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories SOLD Rem 700 Tuned X-Mark Pro trigger

    This came off a custom gun from Jeff Hayes at River’s Bend Gun Company (formerly of G.A. Precision). He tuned it to 2.5 lbs and it breaks very well. I bought a triggertech recently so it needs a new home. $30 shipped tyd, PayPal F&F or Venmo
  7. O

    SOLD ALG QMS Trigger

    Like new ALG QMS Trigger. $40 paypal shipped.
  8. S

    KRG Bravo Top or Bottom Safety on Trigger?

    Putting together my first custom rifle, looking at triggers right now, I have a Bighorn/Zermatt TL3 action and a KRG bravo stock coming today. I saw there are top safety triggers and bottom safety triggers. Will either of these work in my configuration? Wasn’t sure if this difference was just a...
  9. J

    Aftermarket Triggers For Bergara B-14R ?

    Could we create a post on the various replacement triggers available for the Bergara B-14R? I've read several posts on the subject. Sounds like some trigger assemblies are better suited than others due to the firing spring strength and/or aftermarket stocks. What are some of the problems that...
  10. aroddc3

    Accessories Geissele Hi Speed National Match Trigger (used) $225 SHIPPED

    $225 shipped. Great trigger, great price. Even comes with some Geiselle swag it came with. PayPal F&F.
  11. O

    SOLD Geissele SSA

    Like new Geissele SSA. It is less than 6 months old and will come with all the original stuff including box $180 paypal shipped

    SOLD SOLD - Geissele Super 3 Gun Trigger

    Sold Geissele Super 3 Gun Trigger up for grabs. Comes with what you see. Used for less than 200 rounds. Asking $200 shipped to your door. Post here and PM if you want it.
  13. Longhorns11B

    Accessories Tikka T3X CTR stock and trigger takeoffs

    Hello, I am selling my Tikka T3X CTR stock and trigger take-offs. They were pulled off the rifle within an hour of unpacking. New to the long range build world, so I’m really not sure what price to list at. I’ll just list at $200 plus shipping and see what the feedback is. I’m located in...
  14. Dr. Davy Jones

    Accessories FOUND: Triggertech Special

    Hi all, Looking for a R700 Triggertech Special flat shoe, single stage with bolt release. Shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  15. pewpew300WM

    R700 Triggers?

    Currently in the market for a new trigger setup for the build. I currently use the setup to whitetail hunt with, long range shooting and hopefully some prs/lrs matches this year. So far I’m won over with the elf just because of the ease of adjustability, shoe variations and the abiltly to keep...
  16. CJP5

    Accessories SOLD FS Accuracy International two stage competition trigger.

    Selling a lightly used Accuracy International two stage trigger and the new curved trigger shoe. It has about 250ish rounds on it, the trigger was used for a demo rifle. These triggers are amazing and fully tunable to whatever weight or stage you want. If you were to order from Euro Optic or...
  17. T

    SOLD WTS: Geissele Super 700 Trigger

    Selling a brand new Geissele Super 700 Trigger Asking $235.00 I can take Venmo or PayPal
  18. unoigo

    Accessories SOLD Timney 2 Stage for Ruger Precision RPR

    **SOLD** New in unopened box. $195 to your door. PP FF or GS and you cover fees. Thanks
  19. MrSunday

    Accessories SOLD: Timney Calvin Elite 2 Stage Trigger (R700)

    For Sale: Timney Calvin Elite Two-Stage Trigger Great condition. No issues. Includes Removable Bolt Release. R700 Type Features: Drop-in design Adjustable second stage pull weight ( 8 ounces to 2.5 lbs) Lightweight 6061-T6 CNC Machined aluminum housing with Wire EDM cut, Heat treated Tool...
  20. AKUMA_45acp

    Suggestions on CQB build for 10.5 / 556 pistol

    I have a POF Renegade+ 556 / 10.5'' and I am wanting to mod it, primarily for CQB (with 100+ yardage capability), so I'm looking for some advice and suggestions on how to build it and choice of components - optic, sling, light, ect. I plan on running NV, but I'm still researching my NVG / NVM...