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  1. TFJ45

    Optics WTB USO-PFI 762C USO SR-8S

    I'm looking to purchase a USO-PFI 762C USO SR-8S -1- 8x27mm. Does anyone know where I could find one?
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    Us optics B-25 for sale, PM me
  3. E

    Optics U.S. Optics B-17 3.2-17x44mm Riflescope MIL/MIL GAP Illuminated Red Reticle - SOLD

    Older US OPTICS 3.2-17X scope. 30MM tube. Parallax is on the front bell. Red Illuminated GAP MIL reticle with MIL turrets Includes Vortex objective cover, USO reticle cover and US Optics bubble level mount and leveled on scope. ITAR - US Shipping only. Sight picture is at 17X, 200 yards. Easily...
  4. T

    Rifle Scopes US Optics SN-????

    I picked this scope up off the Sniper’s Hide exchange 10 years ago with my first tax return as a pharmacist. At the time, I was planning to dabble in long range but marriage and 3 kids came along and with the constant threat of gun control I loaded up on AR’s, AK’s, PCC’s, suppressors, etc.-...
  5. B

    Rifle Scopes Need help picking a scope $2000 or less

    I’m setting up my Larue Tactical OBR with an 18 inch barrel for Coyote hunting. My absolute limit on what I can spend on a scope is $2,000. I’m really liking the idea of the 2.5-20x50 offerings from Nightforce NX8 and the US Optics TS-20. I like the wide FOV of being able to drop all the way...
  6. Mgordon

    WTS: US Optics ER25 MPR Mil 5-25x58mm

    Selling a used US Optics ER-25 scope with American Rifle Company M10 scope rings. This scope is used, but is in very good shape and in good mechanical condition. I think there is a small ding on the top of the front objective bell, but very small. I have the box and the EREK top disk and allen...
  7. M

    Terrapin, USO, Leupold Spotter for sale!!!

    USO B-25 scope With masterpiece mount, level, throw lever. H-59 reticle $2200 OBO Vectronix Terrapin $1800 OBO Leupold spotting scope mark 4 12-40x60 TMR reticle comes with RRS quick change mount **Few small marks around the eye piece from phoneskope but nothing too bad, still in good...
  8. A

    SOLD_Brand New US Optics TS-20X Mil FFP Half Price

    $975 Brand New (in factory packaging) US Optics TS-20X MGR milliradian illuminated FFP reticle 1/10 mil click adjustments for both Wind/Elev turrets 34mm tube, 50mm objective Never been used In the box: zero stop set screw, allen wrench, lens cloth, manual and inspection sheet Great optic...
  9. B

    Sold: US Optics ER-25 Mil FFP 5-25x58mm Illuminated Reticle

    Sold. Thank you! For sale is a US Optics ER-25 Mil FFP 5-25x58mm with Illuminated GAP reticle. Comes with the Spuhr mount and a neoprene scope coat cover for added protection. I removed the mount from the rifle only, so this is ready to mount on your rifle with minimal adjustment. This optic...
  10. DanUSMC

    Rifle Scopes US Optics MR-10 setup

    Hey there everyone I am a frequent reader here but not a frequent poster. A while back I decided I wanted to get into bolt guns and traded a Trijicon TA31/rmr combo for a US Optics MR-10. These are their older models with the large EREK knob but the glass quality is really nice and even in my...
  11. C

    My GAP-10 Setup/ What scope to go with?

    So I've finally made up my mind to go with a GAP-10 .308 cal, 20" Barrel, Flat Dark Earth, w/Magpul PRS Buttstock, Surefire muzzle flash, Noveske Switch Block, and an SSA-E 2 stage trigger. I might go with an Atlas Bipod, GG&G Bipod, or a Harris Bipod. But the bipod is the least of my...