1. Steelhead

    6mm a viable "sniper" round?

    Maybe this has been discussed already, but I could not find anything on it. I've been thinking about having one of these new 6mm's built and then I got to thinking about whether or not they would make a viable "sniper" round. And by that I mean that they would do everything that a .308 is...
  2. B

    .257, Viable LR Caliber?

    I was wondering if anyone is using a 25 for any LR shooting. There are limited higher BC bullets, but it seems to be an asskicker. I have a 25-06 Rem Sendero that I dropped into a HS 2000 stock w/ a falcon 4-14 on top. I recently found a load for 115 Berger VLD's over IMR [email protected] 2990. I shot this...