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  1. ammolytics

    Rifle Brass Sorting Experiment - Part One

    Hey everyone! I published the first part of an ongoing experiment which explores the relationship between the weight and volume of rifle brass. https://blog.ammolytics.com/2020-01-08/brass-sorting-part-one.html The results were pretty interesting, and I was surprised by a few of the findings...
  2. dj70

    Case volume

    Anyone know the volume difference between new Remington 300 win mag brass and new Winchester 300 win mag brass?
  3. Victor Co Heather

    308 Lapua vs. Federal brass volume?

    I've searched this and not having any luck. Anyone know the difference between 308 Lapua brass and federal brass volume? (I'm using the same powder and bullet weights in both and wondering how it will affect performance. ) Thanks.