1. In2b8u

    How long have you been waiting for your POF upper?

    I've got to know. I have had an order in for a 16 in 308 upper since the end of Oct 08. Just want to know how many others are in the same boat. Piqued my curiosity. Not slammin or bashin, just wantin to share the pain.
  2. riley5001

    Suppressors ATF waitig,waiting,waiting

    I've been waiting for my suppressor since 12/08. Dealer sent form 4 back early April. WTF, does anybody know how long it's taking now. I have friend who's neighbor ordered a SBR early Feb and got in Apr. Why the F%[email protected] am I still waiting. We both live in the same state and area.
  3. clydeglock

    Rifle Scopes Sightron SIII--the waiting game

    Still waiting on Sightron to import more of the SIII's so I can get one from Liberty Optics, should be another 8 weeks, maybe less. I need someone out there to convince me it will be worth the wait. Plan on mounting to a TRG-22 that will be a target shooting and hunting gun, typically 150-400...
  4. bohem

    Gunsmithing Waiting Impatiently for my 6-223

    I decided what to do with my Sav. 12 in 204 Ruger once I shoot the 20 cal barrel out of it. I'm going with a regular 6mm-223 because of the copious amounts of 223 brass I have and wanting something cheap to shoot with very low recoil so my girlfriend will be more likely to head to the 600y...
  5. Diver95b

    Movie Theater Still Waiting

    Just spent lost a few hours of my life due to a suggestion by a co worker.... Just didn't have the appeal of waiting. Needless to say a movie that couldnt even be saved by an ample rack.