1. C

    Norma .223 brass weighing differently between lots

    Howdy, I have been reloading .223 for over two years now, using the same 100 Norma brass. I ordered another hundred a few months ago and another 100 just a week ago. I weigh each case and my old brass weighs around 101 grains, the two new batches weigh around 93 grains. Does anyone know what...
  2. M

    Weighing brass into groups worth it?

    I have had some problems with large SD's and have moved to weighing each charge on a balance beam scale. I have a friend who swears that i have to start weighing my brass and separating it into lots of 1 grain differences and tracking them that way? Does it make a big difference in practical...
  3. B

    Weighing Brass

    What are your guys tolerances when weighing cases?
  4. Raven 6

    Weighing Cases

    Does weighing cases help any? How about checking the volume of the cases? Tring to get max accuracy for an upcoming match, looking for any advantage, but if this doesn't improve things much I don't want to waste my time. Please only respond if you have done this and know first hand.