wind call

  1. obilly

    dope for a dope

    To kick things off; The wind dope math I use is: (range/100) x wind speed divided by my range constant (12) = moa wind hold My question is twofold First: is there a better way to come up with the range constant than by feel? 12 isn't quite right and it’s too expensive for me to feel out the...
  2. 3

    Has anyone seen

    "How to Dope The Wind - Beyond Belief" video by Best of The West? I just wonder if its worth it or is there a better teaching tool out there?
  3. VKC

    Training Courses Review of The Ballistic Edge 3-day precision rifle course @LMS Defense in Fernley NV

    First off, I would like to state that I’m not affiliated with either organization except that I have taken several classes from both. I do not have any financial interest with them either, and am taking my personal time to type up this review only because I feel that this course was absolutely...